Thursday, 8 September 2016

The God I believe in.

Right now I feel so sleepy but can't hit the shack. Maid is about to knock in a few minutes and I'd rather get my house cleaned than to have a nap (which, of course, can be done later).

I look at the ceiling and find the fan running. Then I look at the tube light. It is lit. I turn my attention to their power source: the switchboard. One source with several connections. One. And that's what seeds an idea and still germinating into a fully grown thought. We are all scattered and distributed, in abundance and in sparse; in a dot and in a complete sentence; over the ground and under the sky. Moving, talking, smiling...we all are somehow interconnected to the other. The lost energy is channelized and finally found into something constructive; broken is healed somewhere; tear turns into a smile somewhere; unsaid gets spoken and pure hatred evolves ecstatic love out there. Don't you think it is all linked? That we are a part of big humongous family even though we walk as strangers? This world is actually a big family and the sky is our protector? And we live, walk, work under the same roof, over the same ground?

But if we all are connected then there must be a switch board as a unit of source? There must be a tip to these millions of people binding them together and keeping side by side. They say, it is God. That it is He who binds us all and prompts us according to his plans. I don't know about it much because I am a no-believer in god. Yeah, I am a bit different. I am an atheist. For me, it is not the faces and the royal presentation of what you call God but it is Human Beings and our Karma that I firmly believe in. It is Nature (trees, sky, birds, and anything naturally existing and growing) that I find my god in. Because I can see a seed planted, germinating and then finally growing into a tall symbolic structure that provides nurture, hope, and the continuation of life. I can see the sky stretched all over my head and your head. It is endless. No one has given birth to it yet it is a Big Daddy protecting all of us from every harsh thing possible. The ground beneath mirrors the infinity of the sky. Our Earth is like a Loving Mother letting each of us have a little piece of stability to walk on. The Sky provides fiction while The Earth gives non-fiction. One lets you dream while the other keeps you connected with the truth. Such balance!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Do not be reactive.

Last night, we were watching a tele show where a celebrity was invited. The show is basically about asking its guest a few questions. There is always a moderate amount of crowd on the show and they are also allowed to ask questions, if they have any.

So the guest on the yesterday show was questioned based on one of the remarks he had delivered at the time when the issue of Intolerant India was ablaze which is not a very long before. With certain grace and clarity, the celebrity guest said his answer to the journalist on the aforementioned issue was different and how it got twisted and turned against his beloved country i.e. India, he himself has been unable to understand. He sounded pretty frustrated over the mess and requested such things should not happen and that he is hurt.

A piece of his reply stuck with me. He said,

'We should not be reactive. These days whenever something happens, we are almost instant to react, probably without giving much thought over the sensitivity of the issue. So we should more be perceptive, and not reactive.' (Words may be in different order here but the essence is same.)

I agree with him. Given the much sung song of Freedom of Speech, anybody and everybody thinks it is prerogative to speak, to express on the issues tinkling around. Without giving much thoughts, we troll facebook, twitter, and other SNS with our instant reactions. And then another issue gets set on fire.

Speaking is good, expressing on a concerned matter is admirable but the content should be well channelized before doing so and if, sometimes, one can refrain from expressing views, this might be better. Silence too is a powerful and constructive reply.

Friday, 2 September 2016

The Intern, a movie.

Today I watched a movie, The Intern, in the morning slot. Kid is having holidays. We were settled on the sofa and he had laid out Chess when I stumbled on the movie. The movie is very nice actually. I enjoyed it, somehow doing my best to make my pawns and soldiers and the queen to jump here and there on the black and white board just to save the most precious one, the king. 

Anna Hathaway is the lead character and runs a company. Her husband is stay-at-home dad and takes care of their little daughter. The movie moves around how Anna is busy in maintaining work-life balance. Robert De Niro, the one she has recruited as an intern, does all sort of odd jobs for her. He is her chauffeur, friend, advisor, her daughter's friend, 2 Am buddy and above all, he is forty two or something. Yes. He is Old. But the way he handles Anna and the complications of her life is appeasing. He watches her struggling with chores and sleep and food everyday and does his best to help her through, minding his intern position of course. I don't know why he is intern at this age because I had missed the some of the initial portions of the starting but rest is interesting. Worth a one time watch.