Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Broken Trust.

This morning going through one of the rituals i.e. browsing Facebook absentmindedly, a news link woke me up. I straightened my spine and even though I could not stop wincing, I clicked nevertheless and read the gory details.

The article was about a seven year old boy and it started with some function at his school. How he was a champion in his class and how eagerly he was waiting for her mother to fly down to the city to attend this specific function. She had missed the previous sport one but the boy really wanted her mother to be there, especially because he had something urgent to share. He waited and waited but his mother could only manage to appear when he was just done with his skit where he played the lead role of the prince. Both of his parents were top notch in their fields in other cities and hardly ever have the time to visit their little boy. So they had appointed a full time nanny to take care of him. There was also a male servant, middle aged and serving them since ten years! Could easily be trustworthy, isn't he?

Now that the world is grappling with so many of grotesque cases, the middle-aged male servant using a little boy for his sexual gratification actually does not pop eyes out of the sockets anymore. Humanity is also being molested with each of such cases and still we are walking, minus the heart and spine.

That day the mother put her boy to sleep and went to the super market to bring stuff for special Italian supper and her boy's favorite ice-cream. When she came back and opened the big freezer, she froze right on the spot as something huge popped out of it and thudded the kitchen floor. She screamed on discovering that huge thing was nothing but her seven year old boy. He was immediately taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival because of Hypothermia. Later, the mother discovered a letter on her son's table stating he hates the servant guy for his yucky game. He plays it when she is not at home and he does bad touching. The boy thought his mother did not love him, so to save himself, he hid himself inside the freezer because the servant was again looking for him in his mother's absence. (The article has dug deeper into his pain but I am sparing those details.)

Trust is probably the most delicate thing to shred these days. And who does it more often? People whom we trust. People whom we love. And adore. And care about. You know what's the most horrible thing about the aforementioned story? That it is a true incident happened somewhere in India.

I was shell-shocked, unable to imagine that little boy's situation. For money and to feed necessary fodder to egos, parents forget their kids then why do they give birth at the first place? If it is money to pamper and prosper with, make the decision and Do Not give birth to the innocence and then destroy it. Reading this case made me to believe such parents are the real criminals and there must be some law to abhor them for being too busy to look after their children. Tough rules and punishments must be sought to curb the numbers.

But all said and done, no one can bring back that little boy who paid the price for being innocent and trusting someone. His death only ended the game but at least he must be playing now happily over the clouds and with angels. He is now far away from his purgatory but what about others who continue to live with similar tragedies and hence, the agony, the pain and the cutting helplessness? How they are managing to live? Just because they smile, do not be deceived. There might be one such victim in your vicinity, trying to forget the tragedy.

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