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Serial and Adnan Syed.

Do you listen to Podcasts? I do too. Recently I have become the fan of this amazing digital service. In case you don't know what a Podcast is, click here: Podcast on Wiki.

I am at the end of Serial's first season which is about Adnan Syed and him being convicted in year 2000 based on the murder of his ex-girlfriend and classmate, Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999. He is serving life sentence plus 30 years. The series is being presented by the American journalist and public radio personality, Sarah Koenig, in a pretty comprehensive way. I love her clear voice and precise narration. Adnan has been in prison for 16 years now. He says he is innocent but others say no, he is not. This can be the case of a wrong person trapped in a first degree murder. Or, the opposite.

Adnan Syed (16 yrs back) and Hae Min Lee

Sarah gives a detailed podcasts about her research on Adnan and his case. So many people have so many different Adnans. Some say he is the golden boy of the community while others say he has a 'dark' side. By the time I was done with episode 4, I was getting convinced that Adnan is innocent. He has just got screwed up by weak defense and the baffling inability of his lawyers to collect sufficient evidences. And now that I am through the final episode, I am totally convinced that he is innocent. There are a lot of pros and cons of his and others' stories but somehow everything leads me to see him as a person unable to commit such a horrendous crime. One more important thing, that Sarah has never ever, even for once, said Adnan is guilty or non-guilty. She just portrays facts and evidences in front of you. It's up to you what to make out of'em.

Adnan Syed (now) in prison
On episode 10, Sarah talked about asking Adnan how does he feel after so long living in prison. Before I reveal what he said, I want to remind you that he believes that he is innocent and that he has not killed Hae. Now assume yourself on his position. If someone asks you how do you feel in prison, what would your reaction be? You'd probably be frustrated and angry because of the injustice and probably curse everyone for ruining your life, isn't it? Even I'd have said so. But Adnan is different! And his reply touched me so deep that I had tears in my eyes by the time he was done talking. He said:

I have a life. It is not exactly what I had planned but at least I have a life.

In order to understand what he meant by such sort of stunning reply, you have to listen to all those podcasts to know him, to understand his nature, his views on different subjects, why he is (was) called the golden boy of the community and moreover, how he is able to take the prison life to his stride. I can't explain that here purely in the fear of this post might become longer than what I had imagined it to be and that I would lose you before I dot my last sentence.

Nevertheless, his reply actually inspired me. He says, he has a life, instead of talking about losing it. He was 17 years old when he was arrested and after 16 long years, he is now thirty three. You can only imagine his plight. I too have seen a few hardships in life and have found myself somewhere easily lost as a wheat grain in the tornado of unexpected events and people's actions. But the way Adnan perceives such unimaginable turn of his life (read: getting arrested for something he still believes he has not done), it is incredible and drenches me with an amazing belief that there can be a positive side to the darkest hour. Against all odds, this man has refused to be miserable in a situation and that requires bravery, clear thinking and purity in the character. After I heard his reply, I felt like running to Baltimore and shout out saying that Adnan is innocent. This man can never kill a person.Only if they listen to me.

With the latest update by July 2016 on Adnan Syed's case, the judge has ordered new trial which, according to his lawyer, is a good thing. If Adnan is innocent, I really wish he proves to be non-guilty in the murder case of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee soon and comes out clean. He has already lost 16 precious years probably believing the same. I feel so sad for him and wish him luck, hope and freedom one day.


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