Sunday, 7 August 2016

Practice makes a (wo)man perfect.

The day has been melodious. Working out with the pain through the first half of the day, second half proved to be much as an effective pain killer. Because I had my Guitar class and I have some good news to share.

Remember I talked in one of my recent posts about how my Guitar trainer has taken a sudden test last Saturday and today was going to be the Result Day and that was the reason I had planned to mark my presence with my absence? But today I did go, for the sake of left over courage, shredded hope and to know where I stand in theory. I bit my nails so much during the test that if the result day turned out to be my judgment day, that would not be much of a surprise. I was so terrified! But finally when my trainer handed over the answer sheet, I found it was rather a happy day today. Because I scored an 8 out of 10! And that's still incredible! Where I was trembling with the fear of earning the lowest scores in my batch, there I rose like a star! Only two students got an 8 and I am one of'em. I am still thrilled! I did good, isn't it?

But bigger news is, that I am now able to play songs on Chords. No. I am not perfect. In fact, I am nowhere near perfect but I have sure outdone my expectations that I had with myself at the joining of classes. I remember how I used to gawk at people on TV holding and playing the instrument so flawlessly that put me into a hypnotic state, hard to break. And when my trainer used to play songs on Chords (those were the days when we students were learning Tabs. Chords were still a far cry), it felt so perfect, so musical. In fact, I gawked at him (secretly) with double attention thinking, My! Would I ever be able to master like that? Or, play something like that? And now when I see myself being able to form notes, play the strumming pattern almost perfectly and switch to one chord to another, gosh! Does that satisfy me? It does more than that! After class at my home, I practiced today's songs like a psycho until my husband gave me a time out. How I wish I could play the whole night! But my neighbors would probably give us a final notice to abandon this house as soon as possible.

With my First Crush. That's my Guitar name.

Now after everything, the silence has dawned but my fingers still pester to pick my Guitar and strum it again. Pain has silenced and I am so glad that I kept searching for Guitar classes. Until you search, how can you find what you are looking for? I have big dreams and hope to own an Electric Guitar and play it like a pro one day. Pray for me, please? It's a huge dream for a beginner like me but not an impossible one now. Because I have finally got the key to unlock the treasure of my dreams: Practice.

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