Wednesday, 3 August 2016

It's in the shadow of night that a wandering soul finds peace.

They say best ideas come in the shower but they usually attack me when I am having my routine tea. Writer's curse, you can say. So at the moment, I am having my tea that came Free with my Women's Horlicks. The need to mention one of my favorite mugs is little small quotes printed on it. In case you have forgotten to wear glasses, lemme re-quote them here:

  • Think positively.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Eat healthy, Work hard.
  • Worry less. Dance more.
  • Women's Horlicks. Stay strong.

My Horlicks Mug

So the mug is all about fitness and working hard at it and then sticking to it. Like it's so easy! But just for the mirror's sake, I try my best to stick to the fitness routine. Just yesterday (don't ask after how long, alright?!), I resumed my jogging. As usual, I was being lazy again but one tryst in the balcony with that chilly breeze rocking the dark evening, I found back the hijacked motivation and put on running shoes and the outfit and hopped downstairs. Running/ jogging/walking is such a good way to keep the spirit uplifted. And if the weather is chilly and all to yourself, you will be more than willing to open arms and welcome the change.

Usually I like jogging...a lot. But it's brisk walking that gets you loose more calories. Fascinating, right? Yet I fall for jogging hard and give the treadmill a tough time (at least in the comparison of other gym-mates). With blasting music in ears and giving a tease-chase to the wind, the rejuvenation was justified. Morning jogs are also tempting, when half of the world is asleep and you claim the road for an hour. But this time, it's the evening that has nailed the race.

I understand that working out is tough. Carving out just an hour out of twenty four is actually easier said than done. It needs a huge amount of Motivation and even bigger Will to keep at it but once you surrender to its authenticity, there is no going back! Researchers say it takes roughly 21 days to get an habit become a routine. So all you need to do is to stick to your fitness idea for 21 days and then the party bows in your honor. It's tough to get out of that comfort zone but it's worth, every single moment when those sweat beads run down your back and temple. When you look in the mirror only to find out a newer fitter version of you.

Well, I hope to act more than I preach. So it's time to be the student once again but since the post began with a series of printed quotes, lemme end it with some of my impromptu ones. Wish I could have them printed on a mug though.

  • It's tough but not impossible.
  • Keep sweating. Stay hydrated.
  • Find crazy buddies. 
  • Run. Cool down. Again run.
  • Give up? What's that?
  • Women's tagline - Stay Fit.

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