Thursday, 4 August 2016

Finding Yourself is more engaging than finding Nemo.

Life is busy. Who said that, by the way? You'd probably be gentle and reply with 'It's not a saying, dear. It's an experience instead.' If you are trying to make me look like a person with nothing-to-do in her list, well, then your joke is hilarious. I am laughing my heart out. May be kidneys and lungs too jump along.

After I stop laughing, I am supposed to mumble my defense with 'I am an author, writer, freelancer, blogger, poet and now a future top star Guitarist, not to mention a mother, wife and the prime-minister of my house.' All these big responsibilities are on my shoulders. But I will not do that! Instead, I will accept your question in silence and keep it for later analysis.

So what makes a person busy? Work? Family? Friends and gossip? Trips? Food? Asylum? Hobbies? Pugnacity? Or, lazying around?

Yes, these things are helpful in keeping one busy but do you think that if you have none of these, you still can be busy? You still have that one thing to do which can be enough for a lifetime for a brain drain? And if you are now curious, now will be the perfect time to smirk my reply:

Finding Yourself.

Yeah, I can now see you laughing your heart out. Do not bother other organs as I can explain. In the pile of sane theories, I have one more to add: It may take months or weeks or may be decades to know someone, but it takes a lifetime to understand yourself.

I can see you stopping to laugh now. Have you ever thought that if you can go about your work, it's only because it helps you discover aspects about your abilities? If you watch movies, it's because you know what clicks you? Or, if lazying around with books is good enough to be busy for days then it might be because they open new doors to your senses, knowledge and provide some excellent bits of wisdom and that's why you have picked out a particular read?

You do things with certainty only because they purely help you understand yourself on those fronts. They help you to find a way to yourself. When you do these, you are calmed, much relaxed and a feeling of accomplishment touches very gently.

So whatever you prefer to do, think of it as an unfolding of another layer and trust me, one lifetime is just the starting. Life is challenging at times. It rolls the dice for one game but may have another one in mind to continue with. There will be times when you may find yourself struggling on more than one fronts and even though you know where to get at the end, the journey appears no less than a critical war to survive. Heck! A journey to somewhere will always be hard on you.

These very journeys help you to explore more aspects of your personality and do not stop until you have figured it all out. It will keep you busy even if you do nothing. As I said, it is not always about finding Nemo. It can be, well, about Finding Yourself as well.

Therefore, I am very busy at any given moment of time.

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