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Behind every smile, there is pain.

I just read this wonderfully done chat session which is actually more than a chat by a Bollywood celebrity, Tisca Chopra. To get that wholesome feeling about the article, I request you to watch the video as well clipped at the end:

Tisca Chopra on escaping casting couch

It's been said in the article (and it's quite true) that girls and women usually do not speak about the issues they face. And when it comes down to public figures, the pressure gets more and mouths are sealed tighter. It is not possible to dodge and reply to each comment public crafts about you. But the veil is lifting and who could be another spectacular illustration of bravery, other than Tisca, to talk about than the gorgeous Deepika Padukone. Not long ago, she talked about the issue Depression and immediately afterwards, it was never the same again. It clawed its way to millions of people, raging them, urging them to open eyes and take itelf as a serious damage to the overall personality. Suddenly all over the internet and in real life, people started ticking Depression as a serious problem to deal with and this could not be possible without the courageous step that Deepika chose to embrace. Initially she resisted the medication (which is very normal with people suffering with anxiety, depression and such things) but once she extended the wings of acceptance, she is now doing much better. Read about her journey: Deepika Padukone on Depression.

What amazed me more about this lady is the fact that she did not just cured herself but also launched a venture to spread the awareness by the name of Live Love Laugh Foundation.

The classic Bollywood actor, Mumtaz, suffered with Breast cancer at the age of 54 (year 2002). She has gone through 6 Chemotherapies and 35 radiations and is still able to hold her pride in great spirits. In her words: I don't give up easily. Even death will have to fight with me.

Copy that, in the book of life, folks. Life is never going to be easy. And if it could, it would not be this beautiful. I am not being biased by quoting only women. Our Dabangg actor, Salman Khan has Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition that causes severe pain to jaw and the face. The pain is one of the worst kinds known to humankind. And he talks and shoots as if he is all fit.

List is endless (including global examples) and we can draw inspiration from all this and many other people living around us. For example: I know my one uncle who died just last year because of Cancer. At first, it started with the tip of his tongue. Doctors removed that tiny infected fraction and he turned out all fine. But later, somehow those treacherous cancer cells spread to his lungs and only said good bye when he breathed his last. Even though he lost the battle but until then, he fought like a true fighter. He was much into his routine life, taking care of his health as well as family. His family took every measure to keep him healthy but... 

My father's eldest brother, my tau ji, was diagnosed with Cancer in his left jaw almost two and a half years ago. He went through the surgery. Doctors cut a specific mass of flesh from the side of his left face and replaced the skin with a lining taken from his chest. Later, he went through regular check-ups, radiations and much much thankfully to our stars, he is doing fine. He is on a liquid-only diet and all healthy. He as usual talks, scolds us and still can't afford to miss his favorite television shows. I adore him, for his courage and keeping a good pace with the challenges. I guess his dictionary is complete without the word Give up. Without his wife, he is managing a good life and shared many of memories with me during my recent visit to home this year.

One of my aunts-in-law was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She has now one yet she lives life as a wholesome journey and smiles and talks and eats her favorites. Currently, she is in US enjoying the weather and well, her family. There are numerous examples flying in the surroundings. We just have to pick one and draw the line of strength.

Celebrities are role models not only because they handle stress, fame and the work pressure exceptionally well but also because they show that life is grand even with toughest of pains. Regular people are our daily life stars. So wipe that tear away. Hug yourself and say, I will never give up and live! It will bring a smile and that's where the post title justifies itself very well.


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