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Serial and Adnan Syed.

Do you listen to Podcasts? I do too. Recently I have become the fan of this amazing digital service. In case you don't know what a Podcast is, click here: Podcast on Wiki.

I am at the end of Serial's first season which is about Adnan Syed and him being convicted in year 2000 based on the murder of his ex-girlfriend and classmate, Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999. He is serving life sentence plus 30 years. The series is being presented by the American journalist and public radio personality, Sarah Koenig, in a pretty comprehensive way. I love her clear voice and precise narration. Adnan has been in prison for 16 years now. He says he is innocent but others say no, he is not. This can be the case of a wrong person trapped in a first degree murder. Or, the opposite.

Sarah gives a detailed podcasts about her research on Adnan and his case. So many people have so many different Adnans. Some say he is the golden boy of the community while others say he has a 'dark' side. By…

The Broken Trust.

This morning going through one of the rituals i.e. browsing Facebook absentmindedly, a news link woke me up. I straightened my spine and even though I could not stop wincing, I clicked nevertheless and read the gory details.

The article was about a seven year old boy and it started with some function at his school. How he was a champion in his class and how eagerly he was waiting for her mother to fly down to the city to attend this specific function. She had missed the previous sport one but the boy really wanted her mother to be there, especially because he had something urgent to share. He waited and waited but his mother could only manage to appear when he was just done with his skit where he played the lead role of the prince. Both of his parents were top notch in their fields in other cities and hardly ever have the time to visit their little boy. So they had appointed a full time nanny to take care of him. There was also a male servant, middle aged and serving them since ten y…

The Invisible Hope.

I was in my balcony this eve something I did after a long time looked at those hovering grey clouds; dispersing, floating, gathering covering the whole sky sheet of beauty!
and then all of a sudden I witnessed a li'l blue patch, a clear glimpse of heavens behind those shady cloud swimmers; and I realized there is Hope somewhere even though it is invisible from my chair!
                                                                           - Priyanka Baranwal

Practice makes a (wo)man perfect.

The day has been melodious. Working out with the pain through the first half of the day, second half proved to be much as an effective pain killer. Because I had my Guitar class and I have some good news to share.

Remember I talked in one of my recent posts about how my Guitar trainer has taken a sudden test last Saturday and today was going to be the Result Day and that was the reason I had planned to mark my presence with my absence? But today I did go, for the sake of left over courage, shredded hope and to know where I stand in theory. I bit my nails so much during the test that if the result day turned out to be my judgment day, that would not be much of a surprise. I was so terrified! But finally when my trainer handed over the answer sheet, I found it was rather a happy day today. Because I scored an 8 out of 10! And that's still incredible! Where I was trembling with the fear of earning the lowest scores in my batch, there I rose like a star! Only two students got an 8 an…

Behind every smile, there is pain.

I just read this wonderfully done chat session which is actually more than a chat by a Bollywood celebrity, Tisca Chopra. To get that wholesome feeling about the article, I request you to watch the video as well clipped at the end:

Tisca Chopra on escaping casting couch

It's been said in the article (and it's quite true) that girls and women usually do not speak about the issues they face. And when it comes down to public figures, the pressure gets more and mouths are sealed tighter. It is not possible to dodge and reply to each comment public crafts about you. But the veil is lifting and who could be another spectacular illustration of bravery, other than Tisca, to talk about than the gorgeous Deepika Padukone. Not long ago, she talked about the issue Depression and immediately afterwards, it was never the same again. It clawed its way to millions of people, raging them, urging them to open eyes and take itelf as a serious damage to the overall personality. Suddenly all over …

Finding Yourself is more engaging than finding Nemo.

Life is busy. Who said that, by the way? You'd probably be gentle and reply with 'It's not a saying, dear. It's an experience instead.' If you are trying to make me look like a person with nothing-to-do in her list, well, then your joke is hilarious. I am laughing my heart out. May be kidneys and lungs too jump along.

After I stop laughing, I am supposed to mumble my defense with 'I am an author, writer, freelancer, blogger, poet and now a future top star Guitarist, not to mention a mother, wife and the prime-minister of my house.' All these big responsibilities are on my shoulders. But I will not do that! Instead, I will accept your question in silence and keep it for later analysis.

So what makes a person busy? Work? Family? Friends and gossip? Trips? Food? Asylum? Hobbies? Pugnacity? Or, lazying around?

Yes, these things are helpful in keeping one busy but do you think that if you have none of these, you still can be busy? You still have that one thing …

It's in the shadow of night that a wandering soul finds peace.

They say best ideas come in the shower but they usually attack me when I am having my routine tea. Writer's curse, you can say. So at the moment, I am having my tea that came Free with my Women's Horlicks. The need to mention one of my favorite mugs is little small quotes printed on it. In case you have forgotten to wear glasses, lemme re-quote them here:

Think positively.Exercise daily.Eat healthy, Work hard.Worry less. Dance more.STAY STRONG.Women's Horlicks. Stay strong.

So the mug is all about fitness and working hard at it and then sticking to it. Like it's so easy! But just for the mirror's sake, I try my best to stick to the fitness routine. Just yesterday (don't ask after how long, alright?!), I resumed my jogging. As usual, I was being lazy again but one tryst in the balcony with that chilly breeze rocking the dark evening, I found back the hijacked motivation and put on running shoes and the outfit and hopped downstairs. Running/ jogging/walking is su…

For a terrific Tuesday.