Saturday, 23 July 2016

The magic of Family.

Time: 8.20 PM Date: Today.

As my hubby and I chatted away on our dining set and kid was busy in watching TV, something happened all of a sudden. Somewhere in the universe, there took place a tryst between magic and desire. Being the only one possessed by its outcome, I asked my husband.

'Do you want some tea?' I looked at the clock nervously expecting a firm No.

'Yes. We can have some tea.' He said still glancing at his mobile screen. My happiness knew no bounds. Perhaps he too was struck by the same magical realm. My kid too was up to the offer.

I happily brewed our teas and when it was done, mobiles were kept aside and television was switched off. The three corners of a triangle occupied seats around the table and chatted nicely. Something clicked and I initiated an untitled game. Being a clever person, the hubby offered to peel garlic along  during the play thing. I hate peeling garlic! I usually bring them from the market, already peeled. But since he had miraculously agreed to my tea demand, I thought to grant him his wish as well. He brought six (!!!) bulbs of big garlic and put me on work as we started playing. According to it, each one of us had to explain the other two in three categories:

  1. Good points - Explaining the good qualities.
  2. Bad points - Explaining the bad things.
  3. Potentials -Hidden capabilities which can be fine tunes, if taken carefully.
My kid was the helmsman and he catapulted the chain. It was really interesting to know ourselves through his perspective. Although we have discussions such as this some times but it was the first time we were doing it elaborately. All three of us got a new and fresh perspective about ourselves. We learned a few important things but I have to admit. Whenever it was their turn to talk about my good points, I suddenly sat straight with a big grin. I guess I could use some positive listening today. I too gave away my honest reviews which they actually found good. I guess they need to see me soft-spoken at some point.

At the end, the game (and those smelly garlic) finished on a very refreshing note. My kid sang the song Hotel California and hubby recorded it. We shared so many things and I finally got to tell my kid one thing that I have always wanted to convey. Such moments have the strength to get some of the very important messages through. I wanted him to understand this particular thing and he did and I am so glad.

Truth to be told, this was an unexpected but a perfect end to an extremely stressful day.  I have always been an ardent believer in the concept of family but only because it solely has the capability to make you feel happy. It Gives more than it takes. It praises you even for those tiny things that you can make happen just in the click of a finger. It expects less and fulfills more. You hardly have to explain your contribution to it. It acknowledges every single of them wholeheartedly. If you feel down, it has the magical strength of lifting your spirits up to the clouds on which you can dance as a happy soul. It makes you feel WORTH.

Family turns your negative into positive and when it happens, the feeling gets indescribable. It sticks to you never mind the number of harsh weathers. It touches you deeply and keeps you connected with yourself. All in all, I am proud of my family and so very much thankful to it. Once again, it has shown me today the enormity of its love and the power of support. I love my hubby and kid with every single pore of my soul and with the same fondness and crossed fingers, let me retire for the night. I hope to have some peaceful sleep at least tonight.

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