Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Aromatic Tea of Life.

 Life is like a Tea
If brewed perfectly and carefully
it has the power to warm you up
in the right ways at the right places;
But if brain wires get all fused 
and entangled and all burned up
the same tea can be something different
maybe a medicine to drink if you have a condition;
Right now, I am whining over other issues
stories to get done, characters to build up
switch the scenes or maybe introduce a new hiccup
all these and a little leg pain is working me well up;
My tea has, however, gone cold and insipid by now
With nothin' good to offer, nothin' in it looks enticing now
Never mind the infused aroma of a cardamom I crushed so diligently
What on earth was I doing when it waited for me so patiently?
Well, I guess I was trying to get my brain wires done
With hot irons of hope, positivism and mental meditation
But at the end if I give you a broader picture for a happy ending
May be my evening tea has gone cold just like the morning one
It still sprouted something such as a beautiful poem as this one.

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