Thursday, 7 July 2016

Read on Kindle. It's amazing!

Okay! So I guess you are having a nice day with books but what can possibly make a day better to go eyes pop over something outstanding? A great book offer, of course. My book, It’s Never Too Late, has already been on Kindle and now it’s up for an amazing offer. Buy It’s Never Too Late Kindle edition just for Rs. 22/- for the month of July. Read it. I am sure Maya will mesmerize you with her wits, nerves and the courage that each one of us seems to carry at one or the other point.
So about the amazing experience on Kindle, I am saying because I feel it immensely. This year, my husband got me Kindle as my birthday gift and when an ardent devotee to reading gets a device as cool and light as Kindle, it’s a serious matter. I literally felt nailing my hubby’s picture on the wall and worship it day and night (only I did not do it). Every year I sulk in advance because he never gets me anything on my birthday but this year, his sins are forgiven because I just love the device! Since the time I have got it, I can’t take my hands off it.

Me with my Kindle and my book on it, makes reading lovelier.

Just last night when I was done finishing a magical read, I decided to buy three Kindle books. Can’t buy much in one go as my hubby freaks out thinking I might lead him into bankruptcy. He anyway was glaring at me with that murderous look for buying three books in a single shot. I did it anyway. He should have thought carefully before making a life-altering decision (read: buying me a Kindle). Now I can’t help myself. What’s the catch in sharing this little moment is that I bought fourth book when he got busy with the laptop. It was a conspiracy I planned against him and told only this morning. He was baffled but can’t undo things now.
Once you start reading on Kindle, you get that limelight and stardom you can only imagine. You feel the whole world is gawking at you hypnotized but you stay mum and keep on being the Kindle celebrity. You brood and ignore and feign anger and displeasure about the undiluted attention. But that would not stop the reading experience being the nicest of all! The experience is so beautiful that you’d immediately like to start reading another book right after finishing one. And then the cycle repeats itself ruthlessly.

Ignoring attention and indulged in Kindle.

Reading is anyway a healthy habit and I am glad that people are picking it up now faster than before. My kid too is a big fan of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and other superheroes books. Latter ones are usually (in my personal view) of not much useful for knowledge but it surely fills the basic purpose: channeling the reading interest. I am glad. My husband is also a reader but not as big as I am. Anyway, someone has to remain sane under the same roof, I guess.
That is it for the day but hang on until I share another experience.

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