Monday, 18 July 2016

Let It Snow.

No. I am not expecting Christmas nor urging you to do the same. It'd be a very odd time to do so. Instead, Let It Snow is the title of the book I finished almost...three weeks back, I guess. Even though I am more inclined towards fully stretched novels, this short collection of three stories did catch my attention.

Three authors have complied three stories round and round Christmas and its magic with the clear intention to make you fall in love. Among the three, my favorite happened to be The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson (even though my favorite John Green too has a story in it). I loved it! John and Lauren too have weaved magical stories with such flawless knitting that you'd not find a missing or an extra knot anywhere. All in all, Let It Snow is the book to pick if you want to snuggle in warmth and dip the head into something magical.

So the story I loved the most, The Jubilee Express, is not about trains (I just saw you sighing with relief) as the name reflects. In fact, Jubilee is a girl going to meet her parents who, unexpectedly, got in the jail but then she gets stuck in the train which gets further stuck in a really heavy snow storm. She had thought of spending Christmas with Noah but destiny always has some other plans to crush ours but only the train gets stuck. Story moves on and from there pops several characters, interesting ones including Stuart but I find Jubilee the loveliest. Because she is smart and thinks her name i.s. Jubilee splits more as a party theme or can be some stripper. So she does not quite like her name which is funny. And natural. Many of us do not like the name we get inscribed during our births but what to do? I will tell you. Do exactly what Jubilee does in The Jubilee Express. Come to terms with it. Anyway, her train gets stuck and the rest of the story unfolds like a magician coming to the end of her magic but only to stay mesmerized and wanting for more. And you will surely get once you move on. Anyway, Maureen has a great fiction to deliver here.

Books that I read these days are only on Kindle and boy, do I love the device! I do! I totally and completely do. Reading on Kindle is very easy and I am only praising it so much because I have got it this year only. It'll take some time for the two hearts in my eyes to settle down and vanish. I am so much in love with my Kindle.

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