Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Laugh at your victory, not at others' defeat.

Right now I am settled on my dining chair willing to write a post. But could I any way commence without falling in love with the weather? And the heavy downpour that seems to have embraced the entire city? You can guess the sight out of my balcony right now. Strong cool breeze exhaled by equally strong rainfall is my reward of a hectic day. Sometimes, I wonder, rain seems to resonate with the human heart, relentless and unbridled and so it keeps on pouring and pitting against the cemented ground unless it is all empty and there is nothing more to give away. At the end remains the silently stirred agony and the touch of lightness.

Anyway, I am here to talk about the game my kid and I played this evening. It was Carom. Hope you have played enough to get tickled by memories. Since my kid is a novice, I have been teaching him since two days; about the strokes, rewinds, forwards, and other rules. I spared him with Cuts as it is an advanced learning. He needs to learn basics first. After claiming a few coins, he now seems to be fairly captivated plus I feel nice too! So today during the second round, he got lucky and got the Queen with its cover in a set of two sweet clean shots. I was amazed! It was my victory as well as I have been tossing him extra shots and missing many from my side. He claimed the moment to my loss and guffawed and boasted about himself. He deserved an applause, I admit but sometimes we just get lucky. I controlled his happiness by saying:

Laugh at your victory, not at others' defeat.

Well, my own statement amused myself and I pondered over it while eyeing the twenty buck coin. It's the lesson I want him to keep in mind. I also observed that my kid is improving at Carom. It feels good to be his teacher but while I am at such job, I pulled the opportunity to fine tune myself with cuts and other sort of tough shots. Let me tell you, I am good at this game but it needs practice. In my childhood years, we brothers and sisters used to play like a crazy bunch of people. Those memories always keep me afresh every time I slide the Striker on the board.

Now the rain is subsiding but I don't think it's going to say good night sleep tight any time soon. But I am retiring for the day now. I write when I am at work and I again write when I am at break. Life seems to be nothing but a clean slate willing to be filled by an impatient passionate writer and I helplessly happen to be one, I guess.


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