Sunday, 17 July 2016

An exquisite lunch moment.


I was sleeping on my sofa during the lunch time but could hear muffled movements and softened conversations around. My kid and hubby talking and discussing a few things and one of those was lunch. They settled down with their plates beside me and ate affectionately. Not everyday my hand made meals turn out delicious. So they kept savoring their lunches along with a gentle nudge. Mumma! Get up and have your lunch. It's so delicious that you have made. Or, It's alright. Once you eat, your pain will become fine. Still I preferred to lay on my sleeping corner for a bit longer.

After a while, my hubby left for outside and then my kid again poked me with concern. Mumma! Please get up! It's already three. I am sure your pain will go once you have your lunch. Should I bring it? Okay! I will bring it. You get up now. So answering his own questions, my kid went into the kitchen while I still lay on sofa under my blanket and tucked in my socks wondering all the while. After approx. five minutes of the rustling of boxes, spoons and utensils did he come out. I sat up straight to a pleasant sight. He had brought my lunch in a very sophisticated manner, with everything placed and mixed nicely. He handed me the lunch just like a gentleman. I took my plate and said thanks but honestly, I did not (still don't) have words to explain my feelings. It was for the very first time that my son has brought a meal to me without any help or queries or fuss. It may look quite a plain moment but it was not for me. That precise moment was filled with so much thoughts, concern and love that I am still soaked with its abundance. In fact, I am glad I am not doing well by my health or I would be spared by such an experience.

I am sure you can relate to my feelings if you have gone through such a marvelous moment. Now my son is gone out to play with his friends and I sit on my sofa (again because I am lazy!) alone and relishing through some of the other good moments of life.

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