Sunday, 31 July 2016

Free like a fire-fly.

It's 10:45 PM and millions of my Nation fellows must be sleeping but here I am! Just finished watching a movie What If starring Daniel Radcliffe (as Wallace) and Zoe Kazan (as Chantry) and both of them happen to have blue eyes. The movie was a special premier by the channel and I liked it. It is mostly like other sweet romantics but with a bit of twist sort of tale but still it is a good watch. Not all the time I prefer complicated or a sci-fi movies. Sunday nights can, well, be dedicated for softer shades of human directions. Actors did good and I don't know why but every time I see Daniel Radcliffe, I feel as if he is about to chant a magical spell with his black robe. Well, this is the defect of being a Harry Potter fan and a great reward to its author, Ms. Rowling. Anyway, the movie ended on, as expected, a sweet romantic note and I, this time, struggled over not to cry. I am not sure but these days I cry over all types of endings. If hero-heroines meet, I cry and if they depart, I cry again. Today I volunteered to be my own teacher and instructed myself to behave sober and I obliged. Who wants to mess up with a teacher, huh?

Do you like watching movies alone? tucked in the blanket or shivering with cold, never mind? eating popcorn or some chips and drinking cold drinks? Well, I did not indulge into any of these edibles tonight but I like watching movies alone. It sort of fits perfectly with my loner-self. I don't mind being alone so watching movies all alone like a creep is fine to me. Besides, I get to do fun things along. like I painted my nails with two colors in alternate manner. Lemme see their exact names. It's Atomic Orange and Shimmer Peacock. And my fingers are looking pretty nice. And I do this too when I am writing and typing gets interesting, you see. I thought to share clips of my painted nails but I am not sure how'd they look here. May be they would help me dwindle down the number of my fans, if any, here. So I choose to refrain.

My Guitar class happened for two hours today and at the end, I was elated! Because I now can twist and turn my fingers into ghastly chord settings such as C or D minor. Forming F Major and then to switch over to G Major now is less intimidating. I am also getting a bit better with timings while playing a song, if you know what I mean. Our trainer got us a beautiful song - Show me the meaning of being lonely by Backstreet Boys. It's a lovely song and also a challenge. Because this is the song with maximum number of chord swipes with a whooshing speed. In a single line, you have to change, mind you, five times! So far, I can roughly manage to play a few songs with different strumming patterns but this Backstreet Boys' song is a challenge. I will just try to hold onto it until I get done with it. I know my trainer will be happy if the slowest learner of his class can play this song. Just today he took a surprise test and will get the results next weekend. I am pretty sure I am gonna be absent on that day.

Friday, 29 July 2016

The girl with the sweetest voice.

It's been raining since last night and there is no sign clouds are going to run out of their buckets very soon. Anyway, with such nice weather and all peace at home, no complaints. In fact, they have urged me to think about the best days of my life and here I am...with one.

I studied std. 7th and 8th in a Punjabi school. Our Punjabi teacher, Miss. Harjeet Kaur, was a very lovely and kind lady. I loved her and admired her and I still do. Her subject period used to be the last, the 8th period. She was such a free mind teacher that she never had the time to fuss over studies and all that. She made us do serious study as well as have fun by playing games at times. Games happened once in a while but that once was enough to keep us recharge and wide awake during her class. I always count her name whenever I pay regards to my favorite teachers.

So one day, she said, 'We are not going to study. We will play Antaakshari'. All students went dead happy and we closed our books and copies and settled for the game. If you don't know what Antaakshari is, please go Google or Bing it. You will know about this extremely popular game.

In our class, there were three rows of desks. Two of them were  occupied by the boys and one by the girls (more muscle in the class, eh!). Students were supposed to sing in turns starting from the first desk. By the time my turn came, all girls had already sang their hearts out. Being the tallest, I always had to sit at the last bench and I really didn't mind. Anything to help me with snooze.

So naturally, I was the last girl from the row to sing and by the time I was done, I was nervous. I simply sat down only to receive the first ever complement of my life. Miss. Harjeet said,

"Priyanka has the sweetest voice in the class."

At first, I gawked at her like a fool because I thought I had heard it wrong but slowly the reality hit me and pulled me out of the trance. She had really complemented me and let me tell you, reader that it was huge for me! I will tell you why. Till the 7th period that day, I took myself as a little ordinary girl with no special talents hidden or seen whatsoever but after the 8th period, I was totally a different personality with a good plunge in self-belief. I was suddenly a girl with sweet voice and if I am allowed to boast about it a little, the girl with the sweetest voice in the herd. The only thing lacked that day was The Speech after winning The Best Voice award but I could give it a pass.

As you can imagine, I was on Cloud 9. That day and for the whole day, I couldn't stop smiling at myself. I had realized that everyone is given/gifted with at least one talent. I thought I was a very simple girl and had no talents at all but I was vindicated! And I was so glad to be! Miss Harjeet Kaur (wherever she is today) has no idea that she has given me one of the best days of my life. Her compliment still makes me smile, it showcases me into a super-happy singing soul minus the mic. I hope she is doing all well and leading a happy melodious life.

That's one good memory, isn't it? Some memories never fade away never mind the time lapse, the age, or the change of places and faces. Whenever you think of them, they give you happiness and an amazing power to feel special. Baz Luhrmann in The Sunscreen has said it so right:

Remember compliments you receive, forget the insults
If you succeed in doing this, tell me how
Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements, stretch
Don't feel guilty if you don't know what to do with your life.

P.S. If you are planning to hear me singing the next time you meet, forget that! The day happened centuries ago and I am sure you will not be as gentle on me as my teacher was. I just got lucky that day, you see.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Death By Beach.

Time: 6 PM; Date: Today.

Warning: Do Not read this post because it's very very depressing, especially if 1). you are on a suicide mission (and I hope you are not), and 2). or unless you are as depressed as I am.

Sticking eyes to the laptop screen for three consecutive days can be hazardous to health and perhaps that's why I am a bit fatigued at the moment. After my evening tea when I again procured my seat to work, I felt I needed some rest, may be a bit of nap. So I paused my story and ventured to lie down for sometime. Sleep, as casual as it sounds, is actually not very casual to come when one is tired. With closed eyes, my mind wandered over several thoughts until I got hooked up to one.

How would I like to die?

The thought fascinated me. So far, my knowledge says all of us prefer to think and plan about the kind of life we would like to spend, the vacations, luxurious hotels, good food, partying, writing, living a grand life and similar stuff. Know what I mean? I too was riding the same track till the above thought caught me in its captivity. I never had thought about how would I like to die never mind the surroundings, people I'd love to have by my side, the time of my final exhale and the other details. So with my eyes still tight shut, I thought to give some attention to my death.

Important Disclaimer: I don't have any fatal disease i.e. I am perfectly healthy (I just lack sufficient Vit. D in my body and if that worries you then I'll say you are very kind). I also lead a perfect happy life. No troubles there as well. It's just a simple plain thought. That's all. So I plunged to plan my death and hence, acquiring the position of The Death Planner (much like The Wedding Planner but basically in a morbid sense).

I'll confess that at first, it was hard to plan the details. I had never done that and some things can not just click so easily but I kept pace with the virtue of perseverance. Finally bells of little things started gathering around in strings of my final moments. At the end, I decided I would like to die like this -

Drifting Soul.

Lying on my sofa
legs dangling over the hand rest,
hands clasped together, 
I stared at the smooth ceiling;
that spoke of human nature!
smooth when close
rough when closer!

I stared and thought
until eyes dropped shut
drifted to little piece of sleep
not a routine hard to keep,
woke up but only to realize
this was the only time
I could have some peace!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Laugh at your victory, not at others' defeat.

Right now I am settled on my dining chair willing to write a post. But could I any way commence without falling in love with the weather? And the heavy downpour that seems to have embraced the entire city? You can guess the sight out of my balcony right now. Strong cool breeze exhaled by equally strong rainfall is my reward of a hectic day. Sometimes, I wonder, rain seems to resonate with the human heart, relentless and unbridled and so it keeps on pouring and pitting against the cemented ground unless it is all empty and there is nothing more to give away. At the end remains the silently stirred agony and the touch of lightness.

Anyway, I am here to talk about the game my kid and I played this evening. It was Carom. Hope you have played enough to get tickled by memories. Since my kid is a novice, I have been teaching him since two days; about the strokes, rewinds, forwards, and other rules. I spared him with Cuts as it is an advanced learning. He needs to learn basics first. After claiming a few coins, he now seems to be fairly captivated plus I feel nice too! So today during the second round, he got lucky and got the Queen with its cover in a set of two sweet clean shots. I was amazed! It was my victory as well as I have been tossing him extra shots and missing many from my side. He claimed the moment to my loss and guffawed and boasted about himself. He deserved an applause, I admit but sometimes we just get lucky. I controlled his happiness by saying:

Laugh at your victory, not at others' defeat.

Well, my own statement amused myself and I pondered over it while eyeing the twenty buck coin. It's the lesson I want him to keep in mind. I also observed that my kid is improving at Carom. It feels good to be his teacher but while I am at such job, I pulled the opportunity to fine tune myself with cuts and other sort of tough shots. Let me tell you, I am good at this game but it needs practice. In my childhood years, we brothers and sisters used to play like a crazy bunch of people. Those memories always keep me afresh every time I slide the Striker on the board.

Now the rain is subsiding but I don't think it's going to say good night sleep tight any time soon. But I am retiring for the day now. I write when I am at work and I again write when I am at break. Life seems to be nothing but a clean slate willing to be filled by an impatient passionate writer and I helplessly happen to be one, I guess.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

The 15 minute bed time therapy.

Would it not be wonderful if you get to meet the most fascinating person right before the bed time? Spend 15 minutes with yourself in quietness before sleeping at night and you can have that splendid opportunity.

A bit of free time, even if it is as little as 15 minutes, can help on a few important fronts. I am not going to talk about them because things vary from person to person but one outcome is for sure - that you get to wrap the day in a more sensible way. These 15 minutes put you to think about many things that might have been happening around and you just fail to understand them. The whole day can pass in a blink probably because of work or family or other reasons but let the day rest with you at the end of it. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and think. You can also call it a quick meditation. I am not saying the last minute will make a happy you. You may be laughing just before this therapy and by the time the last minute strikes its last second, you may get dull or gloomy or much more thoughtful. All I mean to say is, DO NOT expect a happy outcome but BE READY for ANYTHING to pop up. Let it surprise you. But please don't curse me if you feel frustrated. It's part of the deal, you know.

One of the things that I am thinking right now is, that I need more practice with my Guitar. I had to take a break for almost three months because of health concerns but now that I am back, I am supposed to show more love to this fascinating instrument. I will try, this is all I can say to myself. There are other things, some big some small but each of them is important. And letting brain analyze them helps in settling down some emotions as well!

Try this and if you find it worth, share and spread. A little courtesy does not kill.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The magic of Family.

Time: 8.20 PM Date: Today.

As my hubby and I chatted away on our dining set and kid was busy in watching TV, something happened all of a sudden. Somewhere in the universe, there took place a tryst between magic and desire. Being the only one possessed by its outcome, I asked my husband.

'Do you want some tea?' I looked at the clock nervously expecting a firm No.

'Yes. We can have some tea.' He said still glancing at his mobile screen. My happiness knew no bounds. Perhaps he too was struck by the same magical realm. My kid too was up to the offer.

I happily brewed our teas and when it was done, mobiles were kept aside and television was switched off. The three corners of a triangle occupied seats around the table and chatted nicely. Something clicked and I initiated an untitled game. Being a clever person, the hubby offered to peel garlic along  during the play thing. I hate peeling garlic! I usually bring them from the market, already peeled. But since he had miraculously agreed to my tea demand, I thought to grant him his wish as well. He brought six (!!!) bulbs of big garlic and put me on work as we started playing. According to it, each one of us had to explain the other two in three categories:

  1. Good points - Explaining the good qualities.
  2. Bad points - Explaining the bad things.
  3. Potentials -Hidden capabilities which can be fine tunes, if taken carefully.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Let It Snow.

No. I am not expecting Christmas nor urging you to do the same. It'd be a very odd time to do so. Instead, Let It Snow is the title of the book I finished almost...three weeks back, I guess. Even though I am more inclined towards fully stretched novels, this short collection of three stories did catch my attention.

Three authors have complied three stories round and round Christmas and its magic with the clear intention to make you fall in love. Among the three, my favorite happened to be The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson (even though my favorite John Green too has a story in it). I loved it! John and Lauren too have weaved magical stories with such flawless knitting that you'd not find a missing or an extra knot anywhere. All in all, Let It Snow is the book to pick if you want to snuggle in warmth and dip the head into something magical.

So the story I loved the most, The Jubilee Express, is not about trains (I just saw you sighing with relief) as the name reflects. In fact, Jubilee is a girl going to meet her parents who, unexpectedly, got in the jail but then she gets stuck in the train which gets further stuck in a really heavy snow storm. She had thought of spending Christmas with Noah but destiny always has some other plans to crush ours but only the train gets stuck. Story moves on and from there pops several characters, interesting ones including Stuart but I find Jubilee the loveliest. Because she is smart and thinks her name i.s. Jubilee splits more as a party theme or can be some stripper. So she does not quite like her name which is funny. And natural. Many of us do not like the name we get inscribed during our births but what to do? I will tell you. Do exactly what Jubilee does in The Jubilee Express. Come to terms with it. Anyway, her train gets stuck and the rest of the story unfolds like a magician coming to the end of her magic but only to stay mesmerized and wanting for more. And you will surely get once you move on. Anyway, Maureen has a great fiction to deliver here.

Books that I read these days are only on Kindle and boy, do I love the device! I do! I totally and completely do. Reading on Kindle is very easy and I am only praising it so much because I have got it this year only. It'll take some time for the two hearts in my eyes to settle down and vanish. I am so much in love with my Kindle.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

An exquisite lunch moment.


I was sleeping on my sofa during the lunch time but could hear muffled movements and softened conversations around. My kid and hubby talking and discussing a few things and one of those was lunch. They settled down with their plates beside me and ate affectionately. Not everyday my hand made meals turn out delicious. So they kept savoring their lunches along with a gentle nudge. Mumma! Get up and have your lunch. It's so delicious that you have made. Or, It's alright. Once you eat, your pain will become fine. Still I preferred to lay on my sleeping corner for a bit longer.

After a while, my hubby left for outside and then my kid again poked me with concern. Mumma! Please get up! It's already three. I am sure your pain will go once you have your lunch. Should I bring it? Okay! I will bring it. You get up now. So answering his own questions, my kid went into the kitchen while I still lay on sofa under my blanket and tucked in my socks wondering all the while. After approx. five minutes of the rustling of boxes, spoons and utensils did he come out. I sat up straight to a pleasant sight. He had brought my lunch in a very sophisticated manner, with everything placed and mixed nicely. He handed me the lunch just like a gentleman. I took my plate and said thanks but honestly, I did not (still don't) have words to explain my feelings. It was for the very first time that my son has brought a meal to me without any help or queries or fuss. It may look quite a plain moment but it was not for me. That precise moment was filled with so much thoughts, concern and love that I am still soaked with its abundance. In fact, I am glad I am not doing well by my health or I would be spared by such an experience.

I am sure you can relate to my feelings if you have gone through such a marvelous moment. Now my son is gone out to play with his friends and I sit on my sofa (again because I am lazy!) alone and relishing through some of the other good moments of life.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Aromatic Tea of Life.

 Life is like a Tea
If brewed perfectly and carefully
it has the power to warm you up
in the right ways at the right places;
But if brain wires get all fused 
and entangled and all burned up
the same tea can be something different
maybe a medicine to drink if you have a condition;
Right now, I am whining over other issues
stories to get done, characters to build up
switch the scenes or maybe introduce a new hiccup
all these and a little leg pain is working me well up;
My tea has, however, gone cold and insipid by now
With nothin' good to offer, nothin' in it looks enticing now
Never mind the infused aroma of a cardamom I crushed so diligently
What on earth was I doing when it waited for me so patiently?
Well, I guess I was trying to get my brain wires done
With hot irons of hope, positivism and mental meditation
But at the end if I give you a broader picture for a happy ending
May be my evening tea has gone cold just like the morning one
It still sprouted something such as a beautiful poem as this one.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Read on Kindle. It's amazing!

Okay! So I guess you are having a nice day with books but what can possibly make a day better to go eyes pop over something outstanding? A great book offer, of course. My book, It’s Never Too Late, has already been on Kindle and now it’s up for an amazing offer. Buy It’s Never Too Late Kindle edition just for Rs. 22/- for the month of July. Read it. I am sure Maya will mesmerize you with her wits, nerves and the courage that each one of us seems to carry at one or the other point.
So about the amazing experience on Kindle, I am saying because I feel it immensely. This year, my husband got me Kindle as my birthday gift and when an ardent devotee to reading gets a device as cool and light as Kindle, it’s a serious matter. I literally felt nailing my hubby’s picture on the wall and worship it day and night (only I did not do it). Every year I sulk in advance because he never gets me anything on my birthday but this year, his sins are forgiven because I just love the device! Since the time I have got it, I can’t take my hands off it.

Me with my Kindle and my book on it, makes reading lovelier.