Friday, 24 June 2016

The Wine of Loneliness.

As she reeked of the awful smell of loneliness
head spinning body shaking with no control over self
she sat on her knees and prayed to a lamp post
'Turn me into a bird or something invisible, alright?
Then I may not drink so much of it, it's my plight.'
Lamp post smiled, shook as a breeze kissed by
now bent by an inch, he whispered over her lips,
'Go, take your wine and other belongings
for we may not have again this talk of longing;
now that you have drugged yourself fairly well,
well, well! this is not what one can call a desirable end.'
She got up with a hiccup, hair messy but silky
ran to the abode, to grab toothbrush, soap, lipstick,
she paused abruptly at the last item to smirk,
for it would be a wonder to have make up for a spoiled jerk;
'Never mind!', she shouted and locked the thin house
sprinted as if life was on a bet for a magnificent prize;
Reaching the spot where she had her first kiss, her first lover
the first prayer, the very first conversation,
huffing like a little kid looking much forward to kill
for the taste of heavens, the dizzying madness of thrill;
But there stood a single lamp post, almost dead to sleep
not believing, she rubbed her eyes
for her lover was right there standing by his feet;
Slowly putting the bag on ground, she roamed around
it was difficult to see a lamp post 
where her love was supposed to be found!
'It cannot be possible. He was right here!
Right here, right here!'
She shouted yelled bellowed at the lamp post
for she was tricked into a treacherous lost
but the lamp post stood still, almost sleeping
indifferent to her cry and sad prose of yearning;
She curled on the ground, kicked the bag away
and thus started another night this way,
on the same earth, over the same street
around the same spot, looked over by the same tree;
She looked up to a naught when thick tears slid down
she sat by the funeral of her lost love 
and right then and there, she sipped her thickened wine
the kind that never felt such painful and silky fine.

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