Friday, 10 June 2016

The Walk.

Today I will do it!
I shushed to myself
But got stuck in work;
Today I will do it!
I consoled myself
But could not make it work;
Today I will do it!
I shouted at myself
But something came up first;
Writing, cleaning, doing chores,
folding cloths, serving more
Could not resist and finally
wordlessly, mercilessly
I went down and 
had The Walk!
The Walk that waited for me
I did it at last, freely!
Along The Walk found 
two little cute puppies
swaying, dancing puppies
gave me a heartfelt smile
And then there was this song
from a brilliant singer 
blaring on my ear phone
the heartfelt smile turned soulful 
and I enjoyed The Walk 
As if it were my last.

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