Friday, 3 June 2016

Life is fragile. Handle with prayer.

This evening I went to see a few of my neighbors. One has got bruised leg, all plastered up nicely while with the other, it was particularly for a simple chat. I have just returned from my native seeing off my ill father (who is fine now by the way and all set up for his busy extremely-active schedule once again.) and still diving back and forth in memories. Moving on with life in Bangalore, I stepped out finally. The state of the former neighbor filled me with compassion. I wished her to get well soon.
While talking to the latter one, we started discussing the unfortunate event happened with someone we both know very closely. A good friend of ours lost her husband recently on the note of heart attack. (I was at my native when I had received the news. I was all shocked and speechless. Just a few days ago I had met the husband and he was doing all fine.) During the chat, both of us ladies expressed our compassion and grief immensely. It was then when I found out the husband’s death was basically the carelessness of the hospital he was admitted to because of the chest pain. Apparently, the doctor gave him some pain killers and I came to learn the fact that at the time of any sort of chest pain, one must avoid taking pain killers. Because of the pain killers, the husband collapsed before the ultrasound leaving behind a mourning wife and three kids. I am still pained by her loss. She is coming back on this Monday and I am not sure how to face her, what to say to her. It’ll be horrible to see our ever smiling facetious friend devoid of her life partner and dipped deep in pain and agony.
As you can see, her husband’s death was purely a mistake by the doctor. If he had been more careful..., if only he had been doing his job well..., well, what can we say apart from this - If he had been or if it had been...? His death, however, reminded me once again how fleeting and fragile a life can be! At one moment you are smiling with someone but in the next, you are standing alone wondering what went wrong all of a sudden? Why it happened? Or worse, why ME?
None of us has answers to any of the above Q. except that life has to complete its course...somehow, anyhow. But how to pat a grieving soul of my friend’s, I am still clueless yet I will go see her and hug her for some comfort and support. I really like her. I pray that she get to pick up the pieces and start a new life with a new beginning.

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