Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father's Day and everyday.

Today is Father's Day. Personally speaking, expressing love specifically on such days to our loved ones now has started to feel a little awkward; I mean to say that why all of a sudden our love starts pouring up to the rim in the morning and boils down by the time ticks off at night? I can be fired with many strategies of perfectly simmered retaliation techniques but no. I. Will. Not. Bother. By. Any. Of. Them. Because I feel everyday is the same - filled with love and support for our loved ones, whether we celebrate the occasion or not.

So the bottom line is, I haven't wished my father yet. And this makes 2016 the first and an exceptional year when I had done this. Every year be it his birthday or anniversary and in this case, Father's Day, I have always obliged dutifully paying my role as a loving daughter. And I don't think by doing otherwise this year makes me a less of a doting one either. It's just a matter of perspective and I am not gonna argue or even discuss on this.

Even though my mouth has not spoken those soft words with a big smile yet I wish him a great life and a steady good health. Just last month I had to rush to my native (he was diagnosed with T.B.) and seeing a person who prefers to stay active twenty four by seven lying on the bed transformed into a lanky sloughed figure sure pushes a needle down your heart. I was glad as well as terrified for having to spot him in such position. My father's one of those infectious qualities are, that he keeps smiling and talking even if it takes effort to do so. He is not talkative as much but staying put as a patient somehow does not come as a preferred choice to him. So he keeps managing conversations and responding accordingly. It's the other matter that later my mother becomes the victim of his sickness when he relentlessly chants for his (demised) mother's presence through out the night/s. And that too without a single stop! Poor, my mother.

Thankfully an expert doctor from B.H.U. declined any chances of him having T.B. We all are relieved. He is doing fine by now. And I do wish and pray for him to stay happy and healthy forever.

So Happy Father's Day, my dear Pitaji. I know I have not spoken to you yet but I miss you and my love and wishes are floating in the air and they will soon reach you with a loving pop.

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