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Enjoy reading, if not writing.

Reading is a good exercise only if you hang out with good authors, isn't it? (Well, that's my quote)

If you are passionate about reading, it is essential to have a list of 'favorites'. It is mostly helpful when you are on the road or engaged vividly into some family occasion or all caught up with a bad health. You simply have to pick your favorite author without having to face much of a trouble and off you go to one of the awesomest journeys only to be back with better mood and feeling much loved.

Such is the case with me. With Cecelia Ahern, you can expect a total magic! Pick any of her pens, you are certain to find some sorts of magic scribbled in there. She amazes me with her creativity and passion to deliver something unique and refreshing each time. My first read was The Year I Met You and I was so damn right caught by the very first page itself. I never knew doing nothing could also be a very engaging plot. Next was, Now You See Me followed by the latest, Flawed. She is vibrant in her writings and intends to take you to a place where nothing lives but the outright magic.

For 'nother quote, jump up to the top.
Now with Paulo Coelho, you can so much relate yourself to him with his style that would make you nod very often. It is very important for an author. I remember when I was reading The Zahir. He has penned down feelings in such a way in this novel that made me jump on my place with never-ending Yes, yes. That's what I am talking about. He is that kind of an earthy writer. I fell in love with this man and now dream to meet him one day. Finger crossed! Yours as well. Coelho gets you connected with the self. He lets you peep into his bestselling ideas with details and meticulous imaginations. He brings you the reality in subtle and prosperous ways which always work damn right with readers. Eleven Minutes is also a good read by him. Still gotta order some more. Veronika decides to Die proved to be okay. Brida is next to my current read though.

Now welcome on board - John Green. The Fault in Our Stars was my first pick and I don't remember for how many times I was touched reading this marvel. Two cancer kids entangled into the snare called love and then catch life in every possible way. Get to live off their dreams as well. Right away, Green sped coolly to my list of favorites. Next (very recently) I read Paper Towns. Teenage kids story with mysterious girl, Margo Roth Spiegelman. A lovely read and one gets to know how high school kids think and speak alike. One of those sentences that amused me with no end: She has legs that will make you care about legs. I had laughed because he chooses not to compare situations with somethin' else. He makes it so natural, so easy for his reader to fall in a trap called total admiration. Another one (from Paper Town again): It was a record and it looked exactly like a record. See what I am talkin' about? You sure do. :)

Once I read Nora Robert's Tonight and Always and was fascinated right away. Later I picked another one but the fascination was a bit softer in comparison. All in all, I find Nora a high profile high thinker writer. She can be relied at some times.

And now comes John Grisham (two Johns in my list. Lovely!). I remember gettin' caught by an unprecedented surprise when I first read him. He simply caught me off guard with his writing competency. No, seriously. His novels make me intrigued even 'bout those subjects I would never expect myself to pick by myself. Be it Coal mines or a rogue lawyer, you can always fall more in love with Grisham once you have picked him up. My first pick was Gray Mountain and was not the least disappointed. Samantha is the female lead while Donovan is the male (or that's what I thought initially). If I am allowed to dispense a secret, I read this novel wildly till 2.30 in the morning. It was so simply unputdownable for me! And with every page I thought something spicy would happen between Samantha and Donovan but the cruel Grisham kills the latter in one...just in one sentence after his monstrous win at one complicated lawsuit and I had jumped on my sofa. I had to read the sentence over and over again to believe Donovan was dead (sorry for the spoiler) long before anything could click with the lady lead. And then? I cried and cried like for twenty minutes. How's that for something spicy, huh?! Anyways, I loved that novel. Sebastian Rudd, a Rogue Lawyer, is my current fascination. Another unputdownable. And saying so, I feel glad to welcome Grisham in the list of my favorites. 

While waiting for my editor to get back to me, I am enjoying my favorites. Does it not justify the title? And time?


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