Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Clash of Clans spreading love within a family.

I never knew Clash of Clans could provoke spirituality as well as a healthy chat in a family. I realized just half an hour ago.

My kid (a die hard fan of the game) has created a clan and was highly disappointed when yesterday his friends opted to leave it. Well, everyone has their own reasons. Being the leader, he got worried and talked to me about it. I said (yesterday):

'It's alright, son. If you are the leader, you have got to face ups and downs. That's the way life is." He flinched, still unconvinced but agreed.

Now today, after coming back from school, he said: 'I am thinking to leave my own clan as well.'
It means the leader abandoning his own troop and army. I consoled the poor li'l soul:

'Only if you are a weak leader. Strong leaders do not give up so easily and keep fighting. If you leave, you may loose your self-respect.'

He: 'But there is no use of my clan now. None of my folks are there (except two) and also we are losing wars!"

I (putting the scene to finality): 'It's alright. We win, we loose. That's the part of life. And if you leave your own clan, I am gonna uninstall the game.'

I guess the threat worked the most. He agreed to stay with his clan. (Any way I had to teach him something good. Let it be a silly game.)

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