Sunday, 22 May 2016

Save what is precious.

A recent very tiny incident has made quite an indelible mark on my heart. I can't write about it in details but that hardly matters. The question in limelight is - are we willing to save relationships these days?

Precious ones, on that note. But there is one more thing to look after. Relationships which can be important for you may not be the same for the person in them. For you, that jolly-natured sister, pretty cousin, concerned aunt, polite friend etc. can be important but do they reflect the same passion and patience for you? If not then may be the equation is not balanced well and if happens so, the chemistry is definitely a fall out.

I am a person who keeps a very very few people close to her heart. I just can't entertain lot of people that come my way. That is why, despite of having a big balloon of relationships, I know I can land safely with only a few of them. And I am passionate about these bonds and the chemistry I strike with people involved in it. But today I learned may be not everyone is like me; that not the person I love and care about can mirror the same feelings and dedication towards the knot. It hurts, yes but I take it as a part of learning and another way to understand people. It was difficult to swallow at first but now I feel better. I know I am playing my part well and with best interests in heart but no one can control just everything.

So the person, who did hurt me recently, is precious to me but unfortunately, she is not that much willing to work on our bond as much as I am. Now it has gotten a bit tougher to get along this particular relationship yet I will keep trying, not that I have a hope but because I want to save my relation with her. She is important, I want her to know with my silent future attempts. If she sees them, it will be good but if not, I will still be trying.

So save what is precious for you don't know how many gems have been bestowed upon you. I know I am blessed upon with only a few and I am going to do everything in my power to save them.

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