Saturday, 28 May 2016

A daughter's lullaby.

This eve, I was resting next to my mother. We got to talking as usual about several things. Then all of a sudden and on some clue, I started narrating her my stories (It's Never Too Late and also the upcoming one). I was delighted telling her all the major twists and turns. I kept narrating and suddenly, when I was at the climax of my second novel, I noticed she had fallen asleep. It was a dimly lit room so I had to strain my eyes for the confirmation. And I indeed found her swept off to sleep. I smiled looking at her peaceful face. In fact I was a little amused as well.

It was not like she had gotten tired of my narration. Through out the whole she kept up her interest with occasional and apt 'Is it?', 'Really!' and also by nodding in between at twists and the understandings of human psychology that I have introduced in both of my creations. If the listener is good, narration becomes a joyful experience. So I was truly delighted at her interest but when I realized she had dozed off, I was not disappointed. It was the entire day tiredness that had made her helpless and listening to interest piquing stories worked as a perfect lullaby.

Truly speaking, I felt I was the mother performing a story- telling session to her daughter. And the kind of joy and satisfaction a mother feels after making her baby sleep, I too felt the same way. I let her continue sleeping while I slid away to do some writing.

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