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Love, betrayal and glitterati.

Two days ago when my husband broke the news of Pratyusha Banerjee's suicide to me, my jaw was dropped open and eyes went wide. Pratyusha's beautiful charming face circled my head in an instant and I failed to figure out what possibly could have gone wrong with such a wonderful actress? It was a terrible news and when my husband told the reason behind, I was again surprised.

I really adored her smile.

Pratyusha died because of an alleged fight with her boy friend. Today she was there for quite sometime in news. People revealed she was secretly married and was living with the guy (his name is may be Rahul). Her best friend revealed that he used to beat her black and blue in drunken state. Pratyusha would call her friend and request her save from such atrocity for several times.

A few months ago, another actress Jiah Khan's suicide case also landed as a shocker. She got pregnant and her alleged boy friend practically did the abortion on his own to confine the news within four walls and afterwards, Jiah slipped into depression leaving no signs of excitement for living life.

 The Q. that has been raiding my head  is - Why these celebrities tolerate all this non-sense? On what grounds they let their raging boy friends/husbands take over their lives and make it equal to nothing but a shit?

I agree celebrities are as human as we are but still...these are the ones we, the fans, look at for inspiration, for hard work, for the ways they handle the work-life balance. Every time we see them posing for the cameras with glittering smiles, it leads us to believe that the health and wealth, both are being poured into their pockets generously but often the case is pretty different (remember when Deepika revealed about her depression?). But all said and done, somehow I wish Pratyusha had spoken about her issues in public. If she had, who knows she could have been alive today! I am saying because I liked her a lot. The way she brought Anandi alive on screen, it will take quite a long time to forget her stellar performance.

Look how pretty she is! Sorry! Was.

But whatever I say, you say or others say, we can still pick a lesson from them - That let's stop tolerating the wrong-doings and misconducts regardless of whoever it is performing. Perhaps that's one more way we can chose to be a celebrity within our ordinary walls of life.


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