Saturday, 23 April 2016

Life out of an empty box.

Four strangers, a notorious tall tower and one mission - Suicide.

But somehow they all ended up together in a car, talking and sharing a few things. Later, circumstances turned the table and the day of suicide got postponed. Valentine's Day it became. Interestingly, all four of them somehow hung to one another and found themselves spending a fun trip to some exotic famous place (probably Miami, I guess) just to enjoy the remaining few days left in their what they hated to call, life. One of them, an old lady, was particularly scared of boarding an airplane because she never had the luxury of such experience. As you guessed it right, rest three pulled her and buckled her seat and finally landed on the land. They enjoyed, laughed, danced and one of them even hooked up with a reporter (which was meant to be a dead end, as expected). Life took turns and so did they. Eventually one day, the scenario was entirely changed. At the end, they were found wishing one another Merry Christmas and New Year through Skype. And this way, life continued to live.

Intriguing enough to garner your interest? Now you really want to read the full story? Well, I would love to take the trophy here but it is not the plot of my next story. Or any story I am reading right now whatsoever. Instead, it is a plot of a movie that I watched may be around two weeks ago and since then, it kept hanging around in my head like how those four people clung to each other through every misery, tear and more suitably, the suicide point. When their lives were ironed to smooth and they finally learned to love themselves, it was a beautiful moment to watch.

Life isn't easy to live but I guess it is way more harder to take it away just like that. And when you get strangers who just cannot let you jump over the cliff and pull back, life certainly seems a bit bizarre and a less complicated puzzle to solve. Next time I am around to some cliff, I will make sure there are more people around with the same dart and target in minds. Because you know, life is livable. :)

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