Saturday, 30 April 2016

Keep Going.

Keep Going until you touch the horizon.

Since a few days, I am such consumed by my work that I hate to get up for other chores. I am being selfish but the truth is, that until you get one, you can't be a writer. Well, that's the truth of my life. Just yesterday I started working on my story right at the nick of noon and stopped only at 12.30 at night. I took little breaks but quickly got back on my sofa and worked like a maniac. 

When the rest of world goes by its ways, it is good to find something that can keep you busy so much so that you forget to notice the change in the shade of day light. When it has turned from burning warm afternoons to lighter sultry early evenings to pleasant late evenings to absolute silence of night, that amazes you only when you are done with typing to look up. And when you look up, you find dirty messed up house, left overs scattered over the kitchen counters, laundry waiting to be done, bed linen silently pleading to be changed and so on... And despite being a cleaning maniac (remember Monica from FRIENDS? I am a little shadow of hers. I know its scary!!), I accept all these changes. Because I have learned to be flexible from my work. I remember one day when I actually took notice of my house right after getting done with my story, the horror of being non-Monica scared a good deal out of me. I was immediately stressed but then I calmed myself down and was reminded to be OKAY with all this. It was an important lesson but fret not! When there is a guest in my house, it looks all nice and clean and a happy place to be in.

Today was also busy but because of other personal commitments and when I went downstairs for evening walk, the silent breeze stabilized my troubled inner state. I did not work today and that was troubling me somewhere but the walk assured me like this - So what if you could not work during the day. Night is always your ally. Always has been!

And it keeps me going, just like that.

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