Friday, 8 April 2016

Find what you want before it's too late.

While soaking myself in the sun this morning, a thought struck me. I am currently reading a novel by John Grisham (and I happen to like it as well) where a full time well earning New York lawyer gets laid off and thrown on the street because of the sudden recession. She is clueless and in desperation, she is now in Appalachia working as an intern for twelve months (no salary, obviously). A moment ago, her life was boring yet enriching in terms of money, luxuries and occupied head but at the next, she has lost the basic source of it all - Job. I am yet to continue the fascinating fiction for what happens next when she meets Mattie Wyatt in Brady.

So the above prefacing got me thinking 'bout how everyone wants to be this and that; like some wants to be lawyer, doctor, author, businessman or some engineer. Everyone is chasing at least one dream without realizing what is it actually they are looking for in life. Fine! I know everyone seeks a job security and a comfortable life but then again, define what a comfortable life means to you. The one where you get to eat anything, shop anything and visit any place? Or, the one where you have the peace of mind that blissfully allows your sanity to stay intact?

What you achieve or what you become does not matter as much as the peace of mind and self-preservation do. These are the two utmost important aspects of one's life. For me, I am an author and other things in a row yet I am searching a piece of me somewhere; I feel as if I don't have the complete control over that most coveted and talked about peace of mind and probably that is why, the process of self-preservation becomes tough at times (and I am sure it happens with you as well) nonetheless I manage just fine. I can also happily go to some Appalachia and work as an intern but would that be the solution I want to have? Will keep working until you die concept works perfectly for everyone?

Probably yes. Probably no. It depends upon the situation one is tied in with. It'll certainly be harsh of me to judge on that. Being busy/occupied is really important. I know because when I am not working on my stories, I tend to loose my sanity. It does not matter what I do but unless I get in touch with my work, I can't relax. You see! My work brings that kind of peace to me without me going anywhere. Just a couple of furniture and my laptop and I am all set to dive into the sea of peace as a happy content dolphin.

Considering above, anyone can say I have found something which defines me at a great extent. My writing as a career came a little late but going by my novel's title (It's Never Too Late), I can say I am in luck. I have something extra-ordinary with me to enjoy an ordinary life. In the same way, think about your life and decide what is it that you actually want to pursue. Define your lifestyle in a way that when you define it to others, it looks grand. It looks enchanting and worth setting an example.

In other words, having a Ferrari is fine but if it can come before the enlightenment, well then you won't have to sell it.

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