Friday, 18 March 2016

You are never too old.

A few days back when I logged in to my FB account, I realized there was a friend request. I have already about half a century friend requests there and when I got another one, there wasn't any sign of particular genre of excitement nonetheless I checked who it was. And much to my surprise and a super special genre of happiness, it was my mother's! Well well, what do you know? You, the spoiled modernized high-tech species of 21st century, sit on your computer and there you have the privilege of having a friend request sent straight from the elegant 20th century version of your generation.

My father also has an Facebook account. He made it just for the sake of it but he hardly uses it. I even leave him personal messages so that when he logs in (which is a rare occasion like Independence Day), he won't find it boring for having to scroll for nothing! See! My concern and love for him yet he never sees them. I still send him li'l messages once in a while but they lay there exposed in the eclipsed sun of utter ignorance. Sigh!

But my mother surely stole my heart when I saw her staying active on the networking site. She updated her profile picture as well as cover picture, added a set of fresh moments of life and way better than all these is, that she replies to the comments on them! That's just outstanding, I believe. I really like that she is gettin' her hands on much hyped FB and is trying to make the best use of it. And my bhabhi (her daughter-in-law) has been helping her all along. Isn't my bhabhi lovely and so nice! When my mother told it to me, my heart swelled with love and admiration for her.

So clearly my mother shows no one is too old to learn anything. You just have to get that right amalgamation of passion to learn and determination to execute and you are all set on your very own flight of staying-young-by-heart forever.

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