Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Love is not a toy, just as a heart is not one.

Last weekend I spent at my sister's house. There I got the rare opportunity to watch three movies in just two days- Neerja, Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 (PKP 2) and The Conjuring. I was teary eyed by the time Neerja ended up. PKP 2 was okay type but it was the last flick, The Conjuring, that got under my skin the deepest.


Well, now I can't sleep at nights, scared to roam around the house (even in broad day light), a little sound and I jump on my feet (if this continues, no wonder if the tiles turn into potholes someday sooner), I frown more at back than to my front, heart threatens to stop beating any time, and the silence has started to sound ominous. I am finding difficulty even in washing my face. The moment I close my eyes, a set of specific horror scenes start to flash, smartly numbing my senses and I get desperate to open them asap. While I am secretly cursing my sister and her husband for agreeing to satiate my demand of horror, I have taken an unbreakable oath to not to watch a horror movie again. Ever!

Anyways, keeping creepy ghosts and the brave air hostess aside, let's talk about PKP 2. Yeah I said it was an okay type movie (which is true) but there is this scene which is totally outstanding as well as a cutting edge truth of this so called cool generation. I had a real hard time in finding the clip so watch it before I speak any further:

Pyaar ka Punchnama 2

Well what happens after the clip ends, you have to watch it on your own because I could not find the rest. In the clip, you can see how three girls and a boy keep chanting I love you to one another tirelessly and on repeat like someone has tapped onto the Repeat button in the jukebox. After the boy has played enough with three words, he prompts all three girls to sit and then does something or better say, reveals something that opens eyes of its viewers to the reality of this era. The entire scene has cleverly narrated about how saying I love you has become as easy as saying I want a cheeseburger with feelings coming from other organs except from the heart!

It's really saddening to see that today's generation thinks saying such three words without feelings can do any good to the relationship; that popping it out of the mouth anytime and every time can solve a problem. Sad it is!

I love you means you care and think about someone; it shows that you are kind and capable enough to go beyond boundaries for that someone. I love you is not a mantra that you can keep chanting to shoo away a stress or a key to unlock the problem. It is a feeling, a raw feeling that makes you better, that lets you feel you are worth of loving someone. While it teaches you the pleasure of being loved, it also makes you magically stronger to bear the intolerable pain of absence because you don't want to hurt the person you fell for.

Love is a nourishment to the soul, not a fashion tag to roam around with.

If love finds you somewhere and out-of-nowhere, you automatically think of him/her before you. That's the beauty of this feeling.

If you are lucky, you can have the luxury of togetherness but if can not, you get to be luckier because not everyone is blessed with the kind of pain love seeks to dawn onto.

Either way, I love you is not just a set of three words. It's the whole of you. Your universe merges into it where you blindly secure the perimeter because the person you love is breathing as the glowing sun in the center of it and you would and could do anything to protect its charming glow.

So when you say I love you, mean it! Do not just play with it. It's not a toy, just as a heart is not one.


  1. How was the movie Neerja.....
    Yet to watch the movie, but I remember reading about it in the papers when it actually happened.


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