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Life is a book. Write your story well!

It's summer in Bangalore and trust me when I say I have a full respect for people who go out and toil everyday and that too without sitting inside an AC cubicle! But when I woke up this evening and opened my room balcony, I was grandly welcomed by this illustrious weather with open arms. That lifted up my mood up to a great extent and for a writer like me, a pleasant weather is much more than what it is for others. A pleasant weather is not just a time phase but it is also an inspiration for feeling good; a bag of motivation socketed with fresh new ideas about writing and life and many more things. My natural bend is to see things in a different manner and this post is exactly just 'bout that.

Lookin' out at trees and people chattering, I feel as if life is a book - a book with pages equal to days and nights we spend. Our daily routine, constant struggles, and special talents are being scribbled without us even realizing it. The book is grand let me tell you and will be handed over to us during the final moments of our lives along with blessings and prayers in which we will get to evaluate and re-evaluate and for the first time we will read it as a reader but not as its creator. In short, you are inevitably an author! And you are liable to write your story well.

The metaphor is fascinating, isn't it? And as a sworn reader and passionate writer, I know how important it is to write a good book so that when it gets passed on to the others, there should be an everlasting binding effect on them. I also try to make each day valuable in the ambit of my capacities and brain nerves and I will surely be pleased browsing the book of my life when I am on my death bed and smiling away thinking I have written the best book in life by taking care of the people I love and living up to the responsibilities I am now embroidered with; been pitted against those challenges that bring out the best in me; innocently glorified in happy times whereas sincerely enduring the bad ones; never hesitated to get up again after every fall and also 'bout how the significant others have made it even more dreamlike and unputdownable.

And the title? Well, as my vigilant senses can leap forward for a bit more creativity at the moment, it could be either Death is just the beginning of another life or Life of an ordinary girl in extra-ordinary ways. Do they sound nice enough or more like I am braggin' about it? Well, either way, it's my book and my take. I don't bother much.

Well, the thought occurred in the evening when I sat down with the steaming cup of tea and the newspaper to pull off another routine but after a few minutes I realized, that I was being constantly distracted. Finally I finished my tea still compelled by the distraction which could only be busted when I was completely under its spell and now that I have lived up to the compulsion by writing a post, I feel rather happy for getting distracted. In case you want to know about who was the constant bugger, it was none other than the evening weather (Sorry! No gossip for you).

Now let me say good bye for my work is waiting. Hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Ciao! See you soon.


  1. Very nicely drafted. Keep it up . Awaiting another draft.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Rajat and your lovely comment. :)


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