Sunday, 6 March 2016

How about callin' marriage a picnic?

Just yesterday two of our good friends got married to each other. While hubby got the opportunity to enjoy the whole of gala, I am happily spending time at my sister's house eating, chatting and watching interesting movies (and now writing :) ). I could not manage to the marriage because of some reasons and hence, missed the fun. But no complaints.

So this morning, I congratulated our friends-turned-couple over the phone. When I talked to the groom, I asked -

"So? How was the marriage? Everything went good?" (Since we are a group of close friends, I can always ask such questions without any perturbation.)

He - "Oh yes, bhabhiji! It was wonderful! I felt more of coming onto some picnic!"

Picnic?! I was highly amused listening to the expression of his experience. I goaded further.

He - "Yes! It felt like we all have come together at one place and I am eating, chatting, enjoying with everyone." Well, he certainly forgot to add - and getting married to someone.

I grinned. So far, I have not come across anyone who has described getting married as 'coming to a picnic' but addressing marriage a sort of a picnic is well justified where you get to meet and greet several people you know, sing and dance along, eat and chat together, work and more chat together, get tired and again do more work together. Everything just at one place catapulted into a single phase of time.

So yeah! Marriage does resemble a well-planned, perfectly embroidered picnic; a fun picnic but only with one difference - you get back with a person for a lifetime to live with along with those empty baskets.


  1. Welcome Vikas. Hope you two have a wonderful life together:)


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