Saturday, 12 March 2016

Have a glass of cold water.

In the hot summer days like today's
all the beauty of you need is -
a glass of sizzling cold water;
a big glass, the plastic one like mine
you may choose the color purple of my like;
Now fill it all the way up to the rim
with normal water, not with a dash of wine!
No! Hold on a second!
I told the process wrong
I don't know what's going on?
Let's start afresh with those judgy curious eyes
you must've have those 3 cubes of ice;
Put'em in the round empty purple base
of the big matte purple glass 
and now fill it all the way up to its rim
again, with normal water, not with rum!
It's a very interesting process as you fill up
for you get to hear how ice and water meet up,
something crackles and then a little mingling
noiselessly they make a drink quite tingling ;
and then you lift the purple glass up
touch its rim with thirsty lips,
Continue taking a few deliberate slow sips
and see how ice has started melting in it;
As beautiful as quenching the thirst goes
I do hope I took away some of your woes.

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