Sunday, 6 March 2016

'bout Facebook 'Reactions'.

Sometimes I feel helpless admiring our very own FBI (facebook inventor), Zuckerberg's creative side of brain. When Facebook was introduced, it was nothing more than just another social networking site to help people get connected with other people they know as well as with unknown. Slowly but steadily, it made its way to the top of the league beating then insanely-popular Orkut and still continues to give a challenge to the likes LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Now Facebook is nothing but a ubiquitous winner of all time.

RIP Orkut. You were truly wonderful.

With Orkut, things were contemporary but with FB, everything got revolutionary and as time grew up, somehow it transpired into more number of Likes and mix bag of cries for the freedom of speech. And whenever my imagination crumples into thinking what more Zuckerberg can play with its toy and introduce new gimmicks, just then he proves me wrong. The latest in fad is - Reactions.

From above, I don't see the fourth one on my page yet, the one with eyes closed. Anyway, that's not the point here. With introducing more emojis, FB has surely given us more options to voice out the opinions, still opting for the pipelines of fun. It's a wonder why each and every platform uses specific cartoon symbols to allow people express, even on serious matters as well. It's probably to pamper the child inside us and a child will only succumb to the honesty. Well, right?

It feels good to see a website getting more and more creative while keeping the fun side intact but has it not chained us to the higher level of engagement? and that too for a vague period of time? Recently I read Facebook is being used to track people's sleeping pattern. It was not the first time I read such an article detailing about the usage of the site except from the intention it is made for. It's a marvel how a website can be helpful in several other areas as well.

Also, has FB not taken the scuffle of Likes to another level? Earlier it was a mad war about garnering maximum number of likes but now, it may stretch to the extent of fetching the abundance of Love, titillating number of  laugh, downsizing bits of anger and pointed needles of sorrow. Where people were only concerned about getting at least 100 Likes, now they will be competing for loves, laughs and so on at the similar level which only dips us deeper into the world of internet. It may also appear making a mockery of these emotions.

I know. Zuckerberg is doing just his job and it's his responsibility to excel at it and keep the website up to date. After all, he also has to make both ends meet (pun intended). So, technically and morally, he has done nothing wrong by introducing a new flock of emojis. It's ours, FB users', responsibility to track further changes in us and get awakened against the heavy/increased usage of facebook. Let Mark do his job i.e. connecting people (Sorry, Nokia! I stole your tagline) and let us do ours i.e. be more of a responsible citizen than some crazy netizen.

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