Saturday, 12 March 2016

An irressistible mornin'.

Bangalore is a city which will innocently drug you heavily to its breezy nights and warmed up mornings. When I woke up today for morning tasks such as making breakfast and lunch, I stood by my large kitchen window and had a look outside. What a sight it was! Totally hypnotizing! I immediately went up to my balcony and clicked a few pictures. I am a nature-lover. Thus, try to capture its heavenly beauty on my screen whenever it's possible. Have a look at those clicks:

This was the first one I took. Blazing clouds in cool mornin'.

How 'bout havin' a sight of horizon?

And this was the final one. Loveliest to say the least!

Not that easy to catch nature in the tiny hole of camera yet the beauty drippin' out of these pictures just steals my heart away. I love last one the most. It's as if the child sun is trying to peek through those thick chain of trees while those fluffy clouds neatly arranged on the table of sky look exactly in its support of play. It was around six in the morning and truth to be told, the view had me stunned. It brought a smile to my face but I could not spend much time in appraisal. I had to go back to my vessels and veggies. Remember?

Now it's one in the morning and I don't feel sleepy at all. I don't know whether it's the strong urge of writing that's ushering me to sit for longer or the quietness in the surroundings that has the ability to put a racing day at halt but I am certainly staying awake until my eyes are droopy. Let's have a night out with my own soul, heart and body until they start merging into one and take me to bed.

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