Monday, 21 March 2016

A day in clippings.

As I sipped my evening routine in a white mug, it was lovely to read the newspaper. As usual, I was indulged when a few news/information caught my attention. I decided to click them and share on my blog because they stood apart in the herd.

This clip opened my eyes about when an elephant needs coffee, it must be a jug of coffee, not a mug of coffee. I laughed heartily over it while the entire news warmed my heart at a great extent. It is about a 48 day camp set up by the officials at Thuthookudi, Bangalore (at the cost of Rs. 1.04 crore but provided free to mahouts and their elephants) hailed as a vacation camp for animals.

'They didn't want to leave at its end', said the official. (Who would want to if you get fed with nutrition-rich food, get leisurely long bathing sessions, free medical service and a giant chance to walk around for free, not for the throng.) Wonderful to say the least.


 This one comes from Mumbai where Sanket Avlani gives auto-rickshaws and taxis a whole new look with a unique genre of paintings and arts. But can't figure out why the article writer has called it a kitsch art because when I looked closely at the picture, I found the art appealing rather than weird in downside terms. A creative approach though.


I was so happy a few days back when the plastic ban got introduced to the whole of Karnataka. That day (Friday) I posted on my author page:

'The ban on plastic in the State has turned out to be a boon for manufacturers of paper bags. They have reported a spurt in interest with retailers, hotels and restaurants. Paper bags are being seen as the obvious replacement for plastic bags.' - The Hindu (March 18, 2016)

I am just trying to imagine the thread of smiles on the faces of millennia of people involved in paper bag manufacturing. And truth be told, I don't have to put much of efforts to do it. Finally the city officials gave me a reason to smile a little.more today.

And today, this news just made me happier!


 Below is from Comic Relief where graphic novelist Appupen brings his creativity, agony, anger and sophistication on canvas in comic sense. Laudable and easy-to-remember for sure. Have a look and laugh.

They say - Mimicry is the best form of flattery and seeing the below picture, it just proves right for the artists.


Below is an interesting article where I got to learn fascinating facts about India and Japan in terms of our goddess Saraswati (such as - There is a Ganesha temple in Tokyo and has been worshiped since 1,000 years. It is also the oldest temple.)


And her leisurely approach for Jockey Leisure Wear is pretty much engaging. Her smile is quite exuberant and I simply clicked for the sake of it.


Now I gotta run for my walk. Contradictory I realize but I have to go. Keep smiling, always.

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