Wednesday, 10 February 2016

When a random musing turned into a game.

My parents gave me a visit this January where we went to Madurai-Rameshwaram-Thanjavur trip. The trip was beautiful to say the least and with parents, needlessly one of the most memorable trips.

When we were heading to Thanjavur (i.e. Tanjour as many people call it) and during the fun talks and snoozing and snacking on the way, I started something on a lighter note which, later on, turned into something serious and a very memorable thing. In other words I can say that, it bloomed into a very beautiful idea which transpired not only the warmth among us but also it got us listening to how partners look at each other.

I asked my sister's husband that since their first wedding anniversary is at doorstep, tell us three things that you like about my sister. Okay! So this was very unexpected and he got a bit nervous but being a sporty spirit, he took the challenge (not that talking about my sister's virtues are a challenge but coming it up with in positive attitude in front of his in-laws was a challenge though.:) ) But he expressed fairly well which we listened and enjoyed. Then he rolled the same ball over to my husband and asked the same Q.

And soon, a random musing turned into a well-thought curious game. We all passed the question to one another. Well, you can also call it Pass the question (like another popular game Pass the parcel goes but with different rules, of course). When we were done, I thought the game was done. I didn't think my parents would also be interested in such a kiddy game hence I didn't ask. But my sister's husband (dared and) asked the same question to my father. And when he started speaking, I admit there were tears in my eyes at one point.

He said (after a short precise lecture on husband-wife relationship)-

 There are many things that keep me bound to your mother but one thing has always kept me wondering and thus, I always stay amazed about how does she know what I need at what time? If I am going outside and looking for a jacket, she will instantly know. If I want to eat something, she will, without being asked/suggested, prepare something delicious. This particular virtue of her keep me amazed always. Besides, she is an amazing cook, loves and respects my decisions and share her things, and keep my family intact. 

Gosh! I was teary eyed! I must tell you that it was a golden moment of my life. Then my mother followed the same procedure and told about the qualities that she admires in him. I was again (and this time my sister was too) teary eyed! It was all so beautiful and I felt truly lucky that moment to be sitting in the car with both of my parents and listening to the things that they love about each other. I was glad they didn't shy away and toss the game aside. Instead, they took part and played their roles very well.

Later on, my father appreciated me for starting such a game because of which we all got to share some experience and wisdom with one another. Lots of love and kisses and hugs to my mummy-pitaji. Now as I eat my plate of Maggi, I have started to miss them. And also The Brihadeeswarar temple of Thanjavur. Click on the name to know more. It's architecture is jaw-dropping! Avoid seeing it during the day, if you want to capture its real beauty. The evening lights give it an enchanting look.When I saw it in the evening for the first time, I found it the best temple ever of my life. I loved it and would love to visit it again.

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