Wednesday, 3 February 2016

When I got replaced from my position.

Having siblings has equal share of benefits and losses. And here I am to talk about a pleasant experience I had yesterday with my little sister.

During sometime yesterday afternoon, we were talking and discussing a few things which are common between us. Usually I used to preach about the subject but yesterday the reverse happened! And it amazed me to no end. This time, my little sister was making me understand a few things and was being fairly persistent about them. Not only these but she also went on suggesting new ideas to me. Firstly I kept replying but soon I stopped. I observed how much concerned she was getting for me and how swiftly she had replaced me from my position. She was playing the role of a big sister while I preferred just to listen to her and bow my head in obedience.

It felt so nice at the moment that I was literally smiling on phone, however, I did not tell her about my feelings. At times, I feel some things should be kept in heart to preserve their life. And when the time is right then only I prefer to say it.

At the end, I agreed to all of her suggestions and promised to follow. I even teased her by calling her grandmother. She laughed before continuing the same I-am-concerned-for-you saga. Jokes apart. It feels really good to have a sister like her and I am proud of it.

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