Saturday, 6 February 2016

What nomads teach us.

Currently reading The Zahir from Coelho, I came upon a very interesting perspective.

In order to live fully, it is necessary to be in constant movement.

It comes when Esther goes to an old man to understand why people are unhappy and during reciting his answer, the old man says the above. He tells about nomads. That they keep moving; that they prefer the movement every day. This way, their each day is different. This way, they don't suffer from past and live fully in the present.

When they (nomads) come to cities and look at it, they think all people are poor in the sense they keep struggling with things which, in reality, are not of much importance to them. And when the city people look at nomads, they think they have no fixed place to live and thus, they are poor.

Similar perspective but from two different angles.

But what the old man wants to reveal here is - Movement is necessary. Physical movement is not possible at all times but one can sure visit farther and farther places spiritually (well, this catches my attention again.)

Now if I discuss this point with you, do you really believe movement is important so that our days can be different and meaningful than their precedents? Do you really think having no past and just living in present can make you happy?

For me, I can say, yes. Movement is required. Living each day with similar things cannot instill that *newness* in life. Instead, doing different things along with regular chores which leads to keep the mind busy and concentration intact can summon a settled difference. But I am not sure about the second thing that old man has said; that having no past can keep you happy.While being able to be living just in present can be tempting yet past carries so many memories that help us keep going; which usher us to keep inventing ways to make the future better.

Past also helps in the betterment of present which can direct towards an enhanced future. By the word 'enhance', each one of us may have a different point of view. For me, enhance means to live a future with a peace of mind and a sense of achievement discovered by doing something great for others.

Esther leaves with more questions in head because her visiting time to the old man is done. Now she plans something different with Mikhail. And who is he? Her companion who can listen and understand those things that even Esther's loving husband cannot understand. She has no awakened ears except that of Mikhail's, her friend at this point.

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