Saturday, 13 February 2016

Just imagine!

 Standing in my balcony looking at few stars
The night seems to be having some rest too!
 Unperturbed, uninterrupted wild space
Gets envied by many, including me too;
Somehow I wish one single night could be a whole life
Without having the pause of day and night;
Just darkness pricked by shots of breeze and fluffy clouds
With moon shining bright and talking in shouts;
Just imagine!
How wonderful it would be!
Lights will stay on and so will the radio
Mornin' will never get to say 'Hello!' 
There will be desserts post dinners and pillows to sleep
No knocks on the door, no poking neighbors to keep!
How a one single night can change everything!
Just imagine!
As the thought progresses, the idea amazes me
Does it speak to you too or it does just to me?
Ideas of countless night outs and 'night picnics' to gather
Where some cheeky anticipation of a secret kiss can be the invader;
There will be dark but it will be called shades of light
Because human is positive and loves to see everything bright;
So the dark would be bright and night would be the light
Now I am having difficulty in getting what's day and what's night!
Funny it may sound while the idea is worth pondering
Has many coveted dreams and onset of true being;
But until it becomes true
'Let's call it a night!', my dear you!
Close the eyes and smile on the lips
'Cause morning awaits you very soon, yes!


  1. The best part.............. Lights will stay on and so will the radio.
    Nothing like the radio going on and on and on.

    1. Thank you! I liked the idea of having desserts as well :)


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