Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hug yourself!

When no one is around
and you feel lost and found
Hug yourself!
When it's damn freezing cold
and you need some warmth
Hug yourself!
When the grief overpowers you
and you don't know what else to do;
When tears roll down the cheeks
and the silent moon stares at you
Hug yourself!
When you need some strength
and there are no arms to find a home into;
When you have to live with cuts and bruises
and you have somehow lost the ointment
Hug yourself!
When there is no people around
and absolutely no one to make a sound;
When you see the bunch of birds flying
and you watch with a longing in eyes
Hug yourself!
Because, sometimes, it is not about others
Sometimes, it can be about you
the one and only you;
When you realize you can't win over this world
And you just need to win over yourself
Go on! Hug yourself!


  1. Hug yourself ..... a very good therapy.
    Love yourself and everything falls in place.


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