Thursday, 11 February 2016

Don't turn into an Esther.

This Monday, I finally finished The Zahir by Coelho. Oh! It is heart-touching and a very exhaustive read. Whether I liked it or not, whether I wanted or not, I always ended up learning a few new lessons about life, relationships, myself and author's perspectives on few fronts. I wonder how Coelho managed to weave such a binding story in just six months. It's an amazing read with a little bit of overly-expressed drama and high dose of imagination but over all, it's worth reading and I am glad this piece is a proud part of my collection.

A mirror to life, may be?!

So, talking about the title, Esther is the female protagonist and wife of the author, the male protagonist. Put it together in simple, the author and Esther are husband-wife. Surprisingly, Coelho has not given any name to his author protagonist (I am going to ask this personally by sending him a message on Twitter). I only noticed and scratched my head over this when I was at its final pages and somehow wanted to know his name. I still wonder the poor chap does not have a name of his own in the story though being the narrator of it. Tch!

Anyways, so the author finds out that his wife, Esther, is missing and without saying a word. Everything was fine yet she left. Author is dumbstruck at this revelation and finally after much attempts to find solace in writing, interviews, several girl friends and what not, he realizes Esther is the base of his life who helped him to achieve a damn good life. She is the love of his life, not just lust. She is his true companion, not his wife who he turned into an average housewife. She is an obsession, not just a possession. In short, Esther is The Zahir, not any regular woman to him. So he set off on a mission to find her and there comes magic, falls and ups, new co-stories, amazing as well as strange characters, rituals, a fair sneak peak in a famous author's life, the game of seduction while trying to look for love, beautiful places, small dark places, beggars, special *meeting* in an Armenian restaurant, Mikhail who listens voice of love, steppes of Kazakhstan and hufff...still lot more to add in this. I guess I have digressed from the title.

Yeh I agree. Parents left. Now in-laws are arrivin'. Sigh!

So let me make a comeback. When Esther leaves, the author/husband has to find out the precise moment on his own that triggered his wife to leave without a sticky note on the refrigerator. And when he finds out, he understands the reason and why she had to leave. And the story still continues... I am not going to say further or else Paulo will come and kill me in tonight's nightmare. I am anyway struggling with sleep these days. I don't wish for him to pay added favors.

Marriage is a simple plain looking institution where two people learn to take care of each other.If one fails, the whole institution shatters to the ground. So it is of utmost significance that one must listen and understand the other. If the possibility of it happening dilutes, there comes a crack which, if not taken care of or noticed, can lead to the devastation of marriage. As happened to Esther. Her husband failed to understand her simple demand which killed the very love they were once bound with.

So, learn to communicate your things, specially problems with your partner. Unless you do it, do not assume marriage working just be fine for you. I am not a saint or a preacher to say it but with my experience, I feel it's very necessary, probably more than cooking new dishes or earning money. And when your partner says his or her troubles to you, pay the attention at once. Because you never know whether you'd get a golden second chance.

Okay! Get it in the author's words.

As the end note, I will insist on sharing your problems or else, you might end up becoming an Esther.

P.S. The book has made a profound impact on me in more than one way. So I might be writing about those impacts here in next few posts. So, I gently threaten you to continue as a member/reader here. 'Cause those posts will be interesting too, I promise.

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