Friday, 29 January 2016

The best practice to smile - Make a stranger do it.

This may sound very simple but often simple things contains the beauty. Isn't it? So now the title sounds simple as well as beautiful. Right? :)

Smiling is a simple act but can melt your heart or anyone else's on that matter in no time. They say it is infectious. If my words make you smile at this moment then it is proven. Because I am writing it with a soft upward curve of lips.

Whenever you feel distressed, try to put on a smile first. It brings an instant relief to heart. Tough task I know but do it for yourself. It will cut down on the amount of sorrow or a number of complaints and things will start looking a bit simpler to deal with. I have done it for several times and it did work. If not all times but for a few times, yes.

And even after smiling to yourself cannot bring you at peace then make someone else smile. How? Again, a simple trick with beauty infused in it. By a kind gentle gesture to a stranger. I remember this incident when I was at my native once. Let me flip the book of my life and leaf out that particular memory for you.

This memory belongs to many years ago. I was at my native and there fell Rakshabandhan. It is an occasion widely celebrated to mark the loving bond of brother and sister. As part of the annual ritual, my father was done with organizing bundles of sweets and a big packet of rakhis to send to the town's orphanage. I proposed to go along with my aunt. He agreed and I finally took off with her on the rickshaw. I went there and saw many small and big children playing here and there. I don't remember much of the insides of the orphanage but I do remember those children. Some of them were disabled.

Soon the procession to tie rakhis and distributing sweets started. I was already touched by those kids. The point of taking a notice here is that I did not interact to any one of them. I had only observed them since I placed my foot in there but the moment I started tying rakhis on their wrists, a smile immediately came from my heart up to my lips. And much to my surprise and joy, each one of those orphanage kids was smiling too in return. I could see the happiness dangling gently on their faces. They might have felt a sense of belonging to someone else, when their own sisters were not there to perform the occasion. This memory is still fresh in me because I, a complete stranger to them, was the reason for their innocent smiles and that's what keeps my heart still warm.

It is easy to make your loved ones smile but when you become the source of someone else's happiness; someone outside of the perimeter of your house and family boundaries, then it brings a smile whose effect will last forever and have the power to keep your heart at peace during a chaos.

This, probably, is the best practice to uplift your soul in needing times.

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