Friday, 22 January 2016

Selfie with moon.

Writing too much and for a loonnger period of time can be hazardous to creativity as well as health. Typing one word after the other and simultaneously keeping up with the topic-concerned research gets you very well doomed into the pit of exhaustion. Health issue was kept down from severity to acute level by sleeping for 'bout an hour but when it comes to relax the creativity, there are some norms to follow. At least for me. Like reading a book, music or a walk.

I firstly decided to continue reading Paulo Coelho's classic piece The Zahir. It has been days since I have returned to it. So today I closed piles of my docx files and picked up the book. I even tweeted about it (silly I know). But first to the first, I talked to my mother. She had called today somewhere in mid-afternoon and I could not hold the conversation for more than 5 minutes as being darn concentrated on researching materials. So after the tweet, I made tea and called my mother to talk. Talked for good 20 minutes and then again looked at the book. Somehow the idea of reading did not seem as appealing as it sounded 20 minutes ago. So i dropped it. Then all of a sudden decided to go on the terrace for a quick walk. And this time, I did not drop it.

I plugged in the earphones with fast paced music in a bit high volume. As I stepped onto the terrace, I realized (again) that it has been realllyyy long since I was there. I was all alone. With no one in the sight and silence playing with the music, I felt better and less tired. I even did a little feet tapping (I love dancing!). It was already grey. Day light was gone but I stayed there for a while. Diwali lights still glowed the atmosphere and it felt peaceful inside. I even had a selfie with the moon. I am not visible but I promise it is a selfie.

Like it?

I thought about a few things - about people I lost and gained recently, about my books, about my parents' recent visit to Bangalore, about two bowls of ice-cream I had yesterday, about relationships - all with the noise of music in my ears. But most of all, I thought about my health. Since a few months, I have been facing some medical conditions and if things keep going with this pace, I think I will die soon. Tch tch! Don't worry! I am not plagued with cancer or other boring stuff. Some curable things I guess. If you ask me, I don't want to die. Because I have to write. I have to write lots of novels that can inspire people and this whole universe. And for that my friend! I have to stay alive. So my plan is to keep breathing until I achieve the goal.

I also have other plans but let's not talk about it at this moment. So I ambled on the terrace for sometime and finally came down to my room to register this blog post. I don't know what touches you in peaceful times but when I am alone, silence is all I have that calms my anxious self down in an amazing manner.

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