Saturday, 2 January 2016

Not every Q has to have an A.

At this moment, I am too tired to keep my eyes open let alone think in a straight line but I also know I can't sleep without writing. So here I am..with a new blog post.

Yesterday evening, one of our friends came over for night stay. His family is gone for a trip and thus, we invited him to spend the first day of new year with us. As we sat and talked, my husband suggested we must watch the movie - The Man From Earth. I have already watched it. Twice! It's a lovely and a very mind boggling flick. If you haven't watched it, I personally recommend that, go. Please watch it. Moving on...we agreed and the movie started to roll on the screen. As its plot started to thicken, we three got lost in its depth. At some point, our friend paused to share one of his experiences he had had lately. A few days ago, at night, he was sort of pissed off because of these days' mobile applications. Next morning he woke up and uninstalled everything. Next big change he felt in himself was the strange isolation from everyone. A detachment had started to curdle his mind because of which he was not able to connect with his family as well. Irony was, there was no any specific clue to point out as trigger. And he was a bit scared of such strange feelings.

I listened. And smiled. His feelings somewhere mirrored mine. I too, sometimes, feel like slipping into a bubble of anonymity and get blown somewhere far away. A complete isolation, seclusion is what expected from this bubble. Anyway, he talked and as part of human nature, we started rolling in some of the solutions. My husband even suggested him a powerful book. After a few minutes, I realized our friend may have been feeling the same things like any of us a different context. In his context. His parameters to analyse such situation, to sieve through it and precipitate the result might be totally different than us. I stopped and thought. Not everyone has to have an answer for everything. Sometimes, it is okay to hang around only with the question or uncertainty. Not every question has to have an answer.

And it is well justified. I was amazed by my thought. I suddenly realized that till this point, we all keep trying to answer every question that hatches in front of us. We hardly bother to leave it alone and not to poke it with some explanation or theory. While my husband kept talking about that powerful book, I told him to stop. Let our friend find his own way to come out of it.

Right now, our friend is on the road, in his car, to get to his family and to bring them back from the tour. Hope he has a lovely reunion with them.


  1. I think it will vary from person to person.
    Like some will welcome that solitude as that is their basic nature, while there may be others who cant be alone for long as they like to be surrounded with people at any given time.

  2. Yeah. That's true. It varies as do the personalities.


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