Thursday, 28 January 2016

Music heals everything. Well, almost everything.

Do you know when a particular song plays in your head repeatedly and refuses to crawl out just like that, that song is your Earworm. And since this morning, one earworm is creeping in all the compartments of my head and keeping me frustrated and entertained both at the same time. Since music works as a healer to me as well, I welcome it with an open heart. :)

I don't remember the time when the inclination towards music was created in me but I do know that whenever I listen to a piece of favorable music, my interest piques and the inclination doubles up. I often do my household chores (and sometimes my writing too) with earphones plugged in and playlist soothingly patting my heart. This basically fills two purposes:

First, it brings me closer to music and thus, to myself.

Second, it helps to keep me isolated and immune to the surroundings. (Not that I am an insensitive person but the addiction for isolation happens to be constantly injected and brewed in my blood all the time.)

Researches say that you perceive the world according to the type of music you prefer. It makes sense. Think about it and this will make some sense to you too. There is one more wonderful fact about the music -

You don't necessarily need to write or read music in order to understand it. It, somehow, comes out of you along with the persistence you prefer to carry.

Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, to silent your doubts gently, I have a few interesting examples such as - The American singer and writer and also one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history, Jimi Hendrix did not know how to read or write music.

This is my current desktop wallpaper :)

Have another one - Insanely popular English rock band i.e. Beatles could not read music either.

It certainly clears one fact that few things in our lives are a gift; that you don't need to put much efforts to open them and then enjoy. They happen to you just like that.

While the same song continues to play in my head, let me finish this post with another interesting musical fact:

The lyrics for Happy Birthday To You was originally written as Good Morning To You. When and how the transformation occurred, will write here once I attain the knowledge. Till then, have a musical time.

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