Friday, 29 January 2016

My first-ever experience with Gyrotrax.

Recently my parents gave me a visit and last week we went to Park Square Mall, ITPL for some shopping and to enjoy the day. There we spotted a person training people for Gyrotrax ride. Each one of us was intrigued. I could not resist myself and grabbed the opportunity.

First, it was fear and then it was excitement and the glow of trying something new. I love adventures! Here is the video and you can see how I glorified my first ever experience with Gyrotrax.

The best practice to smile - Make a stranger do it.

This may sound very simple but often simple things contains the beauty. Isn't it? So now the title sounds simple as well as beautiful. Right? :)

Smiling is a simple act but can melt your heart or anyone else's on that matter in no time. They say it is infectious. If my words make you smile at this moment then it is proven. Because I am writing it with a soft upward curve of lips.

Whenever you feel distressed, try to put on a smile first. It brings an instant relief to heart. Tough task I know but do it for yourself. It will cut down on the amount of sorrow or a number of complaints and things will start looking a bit simpler to deal with. I have done it for several times and it did work. If not all times but for a few times, yes.

And even after smiling to yourself cannot bring you at peace then make someone else smile. How? Again, a simple trick with beauty infused in it. By a kind gentle gesture to a stranger. I remember this incident when I was at my native once. Let me flip the book of my life and leaf out that particular memory for you.

This memory belongs to many years ago. I was at my native and there fell Rakshabandhan. It is an occasion widely celebrated to mark the loving bond of brother and sister. As part of the annual ritual, my father was done with organizing bundles of sweets and a big packet of rakhis to send to the town's orphanage. I proposed to go along with my aunt. He agreed and I finally took off with her on the rickshaw. I went there and saw many small and big children playing here and there. I don't remember much of the insides of the orphanage but I do remember those children. Some of them were disabled.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Music heals everything. Well, almost everything.

Do you know when a particular song plays in your head repeatedly and refuses to crawl out just like that, that song is your Earworm. And since this morning, one earworm is creeping in all the compartments of my head and keeping me frustrated and entertained both at the same time. Since music works as a healer to me as well, I welcome it with an open heart. :)

I don't remember the time when the inclination towards music was created in me but I do know that whenever I listen to a piece of favorable music, my interest piques and the inclination doubles up. I often do my household chores (and sometimes my writing too) with earphones plugged in and playlist soothingly patting my heart. This basically fills two purposes:

First, it brings me closer to music and thus, to myself.

Second, it helps to keep me isolated and immune to the surroundings. (Not that I am an insensitive person but the addiction for isolation happens to be constantly injected and brewed in my blood all the time.)

Researches say that you perceive the world according to the type of music you prefer. It makes sense. Think about it and this will make some sense to you too. There is one more wonderful fact about the music -

You don't necessarily need to write or read music in order to understand it. It, somehow, comes out of you along with the persistence you prefer to carry.

Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, to silent your doubts gently, I have a few interesting examples such as - The American singer and writer and also one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history, Jimi Hendrix did not know how to read or write music.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Spare moments are uncut diamonds.

This weekend is going really busy. With my sister shifting to the city after her abroad stay, weekends or holidays usually get spent at each other's houses. While this may be tiring at times, it is also an added source of fun, learning and dealing with life on a few different yet enjoyable fronts.

Anyways, yesterday I packed up all the outside chores and landed at her house say by 8.30 in the evening. We all had a relaxing tea time. As usual, the procession of making dinner was soon propelled and we ended up on our beds at 12.30 at night. Needless to say, I was extremely tired and body was showing precise and clear signs of cumbersome fatigue.

My sleep was interrupted at 7.41 AM. I sleazily tucked more area of the blanket around myself and craved to sleep more but then mind came at work. It requested to get up and work on my story while everyone enjoyed the much needed shut eye. After two minutes of turning sides, I finally got rid off the sack and washed my face and brushed my teeth. Everyone was still asleep.

With silent footsteps, I roamed around and fetched my laptop and the charger. And then settled down on the couch to work. Just the anticipation of getting unusual hour to write was pretty rejuvenating. The quietness, dim light setting and with sleepy loved ones around, I was somehow more at peace and vigilant. Opened all of my necessary docx files and multiple website (as part of the research) and worked blissfully for one and half hours. I ditched on my sleep due to two reasons:

Friday, 22 January 2016

Selfie with moon.

Writing too much and for a loonnger period of time can be hazardous to creativity as well as health. Typing one word after the other and simultaneously keeping up with the topic-concerned research gets you very well doomed into the pit of exhaustion. Health issue was kept down from severity to acute level by sleeping for 'bout an hour but when it comes to relax the creativity, there are some norms to follow. At least for me. Like reading a book, music or a walk.

I firstly decided to continue reading Paulo Coelho's classic piece The Zahir. It has been days since I have returned to it. So today I closed piles of my docx files and picked up the book. I even tweeted about it (silly I know). But first to the first, I talked to my mother. She had called today somewhere in mid-afternoon and I could not hold the conversation for more than 5 minutes as being darn concentrated on researching materials. So after the tweet, I made tea and called my mother to talk. Talked for good 20 minutes and then again looked at the book. Somehow the idea of reading did not seem as appealing as it sounded 20 minutes ago. So i dropped it. Then all of a sudden decided to go on the terrace for a quick walk. And this time, I did not drop it.

I plugged in the earphones with fast paced music in a bit high volume. As I stepped onto the terrace, I realized (again) that it has been realllyyy long since I was there. I was all alone. With no one in the sight and silence playing with the music, I felt better and less tired. I even did a little feet tapping (I love dancing!). It was already grey. Day light was gone but I stayed there for a while. Diwali lights still glowed the atmosphere and it felt peaceful inside. I even had a selfie with the moon. I am not visible but I promise it is a selfie.

Like it?

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

बहुत दिनों बाद.

बहुत दिनों बाद
बैठी हूँ आज अपने कोने में 
सांसें लेती स्थिरता से आज 
बहुत दिनों बाद ;
वो देखो! उड़ता हुआ एक एरोप्लेन 
चला जा रहा अपनी ही धुन में ,
वो देखो! नन्हा सा एक बदल घुल सा गया है 
स्याह से अनंत आसमां की चादर में ;
जगमगाते से घर , महकती सी सन्नाटे की खुशबू 
हवा में फिसलते कुछ मीठे से बोल 
प्रकृति की घनी छाँव में
मधुर यादें पिरोती आज
बहुत दिनों बाद ;
 चलना गर जीवन है 
तो ठहराव इसका सम्बल 
पाँव जो थक जाएं यूँ ही
रुकना ना भूल जाना कभी ;
बैठना इक पल को ही सही
दिल से मुस्कुरा लेने को 
इतना ही काफी है मेरे दोस्त!
चाहे हो बहुत दिनों बाद।

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Not every Q has to have an A.

At this moment, I am too tired to keep my eyes open let alone think in a straight line but I also know I can't sleep without writing. So here I am..with a new blog post.

Yesterday evening, one of our friends came over for night stay. His family is gone for a trip and thus, we invited him to spend the first day of new year with us. As we sat and talked, my husband suggested we must watch the movie - The Man From Earth. I have already watched it. Twice! It's a lovely and a very mind boggling flick. If you haven't watched it, I personally recommend that, go. Please watch it. Moving on...we agreed and the movie started to roll on the screen. As its plot started to thicken, we three got lost in its depth. At some point, our friend paused to share one of his experiences he had had lately. A few days ago, at night, he was sort of pissed off because of these days' mobile applications. Next morning he woke up and uninstalled everything. Next big change he felt in himself was the strange isolation from everyone. A detachment had started to curdle his mind because of which he was not able to connect with his family as well. Irony was, there was no any specific clue to point out as trigger. And he was a bit scared of such strange feelings.

I listened. And smiled. His feelings somewhere mirrored mine. I too, sometimes, feel like slipping into a bubble of anonymity and get blown somewhere far away. A complete isolation, seclusion is what expected from this bubble. Anyway, he talked and as part of human nature, we started rolling in some of the solutions. My husband even suggested him a powerful book. After a few minutes, I realized our friend may have been feeling the same things like any of us a different context. In his context. His parameters to analyse such situation, to sieve through it and precipitate the result might be totally different than us. I stopped and thought. Not everyone has to have an answer for everything. Sometimes, it is okay to hang around only with the question or uncertainty. Not every question has to have an answer.