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A pleasant Indigo experience

If you loved reading the poem above, you'd sure enjoy the story behind it. So let me be a short non-fiction story-teller for you.

Very recently I traveled through the Indigo airline. I am a frequent Indigo flier and prefer their services as they are nicer than the rest. I was on Delhi to Bangalore flight. The total air time of this particular flight is almost 2.7 hours. Not soon after the air craft took off did my son put on a show of watching a movie. I tried but all went in vein. I had to take out my laptop. Secretly I was glad for finding a way to kill the annoying boredom. We finally resorted for Angry Birds but after sometime, it appeared boring to me while my kid kept enjoying the movie with an envious concentration.

The boredom slowly started to grow on me. Even music could not offer any help. So my final savior was - Guess what? - Writing! Yes. I fished out my little pad and a pen from the purse and started a poem. I guess within ten minutes I was ready with one. But to c…

My new venture - Pick'A Book Club - For Kids

This one probably will be the last blog post of this year. I am too busy to find time and write about every single event that's keeping me in a constant run but that's what I like to do - being super busy! And by speaking of it, I have got my New Year Resolution (NYR) - Being busy through out 2017. Simple, yes but highly recommended.

As the end of another year, it's getting a little worse. Terrible events one after the another are enough to drown a soul nicely and now I don't think I have anymore energy left to handle one more in the series. So let's have a merry chit-chat about a fraction of my busy life.

I have started a book club at my home. A book club is a dedicated space for the intended crowd designed majorly for Book Reading. Since I am a reader myself and the owner of a little library, it's hard for the importance of reading to escape. Hence, to encourage my society kids to get into the habit of book reading, I started this venture. It started on Dece…

The Golden Room

The room illuminated with nothing but the glow of heater,
fixing the wall, doors, cloths and everything golden in color,
night is retreating like a tsunami wave, on back foot at first
only to come back as a hypnotic gaze but with a raging thrust;

The goldenness of the light around makes time still
letting the waves of memories enjoy the tranquil,
few days went simply by staying on back foot,
was it only to come back with a churning in loop?

the strength the power the force, everything makes it dizzy
blurred sight, devastated senses and heart so sloppy,
the wave finally takes over as it laps down the eyes,
now wet cheeks get a gentle pat of a soft smile;

a smile with no complaints but only acceptance,
droplets sliding down the face without a reason,
among all the biggies, Why stands tallest of all,
wish someone could answer it, without judging at all!

UNICEF Tiny Stories

Recently I was invited to be a part of Tiny Stories, a worldwide initiative marking 70 years of UNICEF's social existence. For more details, please click the link: UNICEF Tiny Stories.

The initiative is about fantasizing a world for every child i.e. what kind of world I'd like for every child. It could be posted in the form of a tiny story, a poem, thoughts or a little paragraph. It just has to fulfill the need aptly. So here is the poem I created.

A brave soul

My Tau ji (uncle) got expired yesterday afternoon! The news came shocking! I was practicing on my Guitar for Dec. 31st performance when my husband called and informed me. I was taken aback! It was hard to believe. It still is.
I guess at this time of the morning, they must be taking his body to the cremation spot. I could not see him last time. Since no ticket was available for today, we have got our flight tickets done for tomorrow. Lots of family members and relatives have already arrived at my native. They must be mourning right now. I feel awful! Really terrible! How much my sister and I wanted our tau ji to come to our Bangalore homes and stay with us. His plan was almost fixed but something came in between and all our planning and shared enthusiasm went in vain. But if he had come here, at least we could have spent a little more time with him and listen to his talks and made him feel special in our ways. 
Last night before I fell asleep, memories deluged me with an unexpected forc…

Similarly different.

Then explain what 'life' is?

Ask before you go judgemental.

This evening I spent time with the President of my society regarding an issue. He is a very jovial, good natured and an extremely friendly man. He listens patiently and then responds accordingly. So I already knew my issue was going to be address in a very calm and precise manner.

I went and addressed him as Mr. President to which he laughed. I said:

'Mr. President! I have come with a society issue and I must discuss this with you right now.'

He finished his phone call and listened and then assured me the issue will addressed very promptly. I was satisfied. And then we started discussing on other issues and then I came to know how many issues are there for him and his association members to address on the daily basis. Tomorrow is a very important planting ceremony in our society. This is to make earth go more green as well as to encourage kids about the environment. For a normal resident like me, I thought it's an easy peasy task. We will just have to come and plant plant…

The twinkling of hope.

I was on the terrace this evening after long time. It was almost six. I thought to carry along my Kindle but thought the better of it. It was already getting dark and reading in the dark means having company of the bunch of mosquitoes. So I went up alone, just to ponder over a few things.

I don't know why but since many days, there were no stars in the sky. The moon appears for its usual appointment but no stars could be seen. A sky with no stars somehow perplexes me, I don't like the sky without stars. But when I went up this eve, I saw one, a tiny but bright one twinkling into the vastness of sky. The moon was almost half full and hung proudly making its present quite vividly felt but that star made its presence felt too, despite of its small size.

I was submerged in a few thoughts when I looked up only to find that star and it brought a smile on my face. I stared at it wholeheartedly and felt the perseverance in the virtue of its nature regardless of its only…

The sad story of a writer's life.

Past few days passed in a blur and tomorrow too feels to be treading the same path. It is good to be busy. Writing is a wonderful job but I must also add, a little tricky to understand as well. Thereby, I am here today to confess one thing. Being a writer is not an easy job. Not because writing is challenging. It hell is but because...people don't get it at first. They take time to understand that being an author/writer can be a job and in fact, one of the toughest jobs. Such people make me smile. Some I desperately wish to kill as they keep annoying with the same Q. over and over again.

Anyways, it still happens. If someone asks me, 'What do you do? Are you in any job or a housewife?' I smile and say, 'Yes. I am a writer,' and then they nod at me in silence but their expressions reveal what's going on in their heart. They stand as if I have spoken in an ancient language. They get confused and I bet they get desperate to bowl another Q. right away as: 'On…

Steve Jobs' Last Words of Wisdom

Today I stumbled upon legendary Steve' Jobs' last words. They are full of truth and wisdom, as he must have collected through out his life span. An amazing hard worker, inspiration and a symbol of era in himself, let's cherish his last thoughts:

I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world.

In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success.

However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.

At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death.

In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life supporting machines and hear the humming mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of god of death drawing closer…

Now I know, when we have accumulated sufficient wealth to last our lifetime, we should pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth…


Coelho and his soulful writing.

When something keeps putting you under its spell, you know the magic is working well. The same goes with writing and when it comes to writing, Coelho is the best magician I can anytime bet.

My current circle-of-hypnotism is Brida. It's about a girl named Brida who wants to learn magic. She goes to the Magus who in turn instantly realizes she is his Soul Mate but refrains to tell her. The book is largely 'bout magic, learning Traditions of the Sun and the Moon, witches, cathedrals, previous lives and more. I have only finished ~32% of it. So there is naturally much more in the stock to mesmerize upon.

Whenever I read Coelho, I feel so real, so original. He gives invisible wings to his readers while keeping their toes perfectly on the ground; he lets the reader enjoy the two worlds, two supreme powers at once. Such as Brida, his other novels, be it The Zahir or Adultery, deserve a complete seclusion from the world. You just can't read him between a chaos or routine noise. H…

Indira Nooyi on the Coping Mechanism.

The lesson from a li'l finger cut.

There is this thing 'bout writing, if you happen to be in love with it. One moment you are on the bed starin' at the ceiling thinking 'bout the latest song you have learned on the Guitar in the evening and how generous the teacher was to praise you for playing another one perfectly and then the next, the writer bug appears out of nowhere and stings you so softly that you become helpless, give up on the search over yet-to-be-sought sleep and get anxious to write s'thing up. So I (im)patiently waited for my hubby to get deep into blissful sleep, sneaked out and now feeling like happy-go-lucky soul with the world sleeping in my neighborhood. 
Just yesterday I was in my kitchen during wee hours, all groggy and desperate to shoo away the hovering sleep. Purpose? I was there to make meals intended to give away to my kid and husband for the day. I picked a lemon and started slicing it but completely failed to notice it had hardened over last few days. I was a bit stressed si…

Friday fun with Grisham.

'At some point in life, everybody thinks about walking away. Life's always better on the beach or in the mountains. Problems can be left behind. It's inbred in us.' - The Partner

A day can be turned beautiful if you have right book in hands written by the author you already love. It's Friday and the day turned special with The Partner by John Grisham. When I read its last page on my Kindle, I was taken aback! The story of Patrick Lanigan has already pulled my attention enough but it was The end that got my senses mutilated and dumb for a full minute. That means it took some time to understand the kind of end Grisham has not spoke about directly. And then the whole day (still going on) kept illuminating. Because I loved the novel! The speed with which it's written between the slides of truth and deceit, I enjoyed each one of them. 

You can say that some writers have that radioactive effect in their writing style that keep the reader illuminating even when …

The reflection of lights.

Since it's officially past twelve, Happy Diwali! The day went by in a blur and finally after four consecutive days of swipe, dusting and cleaning, everything looks sparkly clean. It is as if my house is dancing with joy and content because of cleaned shelves, organized wardrobes, fresh crisp curtains, new bed sheets, aromatic candles etc. Not only my house but I am too feeling good.

Settled now on my dining table for writing a blog post, the time seemed to have come to a halt unlike the speed it sprinted during the day with! But it feels nice and soothing, this time of night. The fragrance of those candles is still floating in the air. Some houses outside still are flickering with colorful lights. World is asleep yet it feels as if it can burst into a celebration any minute. Such is the ambiance of Diwali. Its magic hardly ends.

Having said that, isn't it healthy to hold onto a few things sometimes? Like Diwali. It brings lights. A glowing Diya can enlighten any face. Like th…

Memories make you good, just like love.

There is an old movie made in 1998 named Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha starring Kajol and Ajay Devgan. The movie is the remake of French Kiss. There is this dialogue in the movie delivered by a police inspector (enacted by legendary Om Puri) that is still fresh in my mind:
हर इंसान को ज़िन्दगी में एक बार प्यार ज़रूर करना चाहिए।  ये उसे अच्छा  बना देता है।
Which, if translated in English, will come as:
Every person should fall in love at least once in life. It makes him good!
Makes sense, right? Yes. Love makes you good. It gently pushes you to do good deeds as well as reminds to not to do anything that can hurt your beloved. After all, the heart matters!
Since that time, I too believed love is the only thing that makes you good, makes you feel angelic. But today...another thing got listed -  Memories. Well, I didn't know there was a list!
Let's go for a roller coaster ride and let me explain you this there. Buckle up, brace yourself and here we go...

No steel bridge in the city!

When the world goes to sleep, a writer's heart slowly new ideas, adventures and to a place where no one exists except the writer.

I am looking at the moon hung out of my window on the wall of sky. Stars too are there, a few ones but they are there. May be they are the friends of moon, not ready to leave him alone in the play ground. And that can be one of the purest examples of friendship: to stay as well as to never let go.

Anyway, this morning when I was watching news, I got to know about the steel bridge the government wants to make in the city. And not only wants to but it is desperate! Two things:

Just to save 7 minutes out of the traffic jam, ~1800 cr. INR will be the expenditure, andAround 800 trees will sacrifice themselves to pave way for VVIPs. 
And I thought our government was brainy and sensitive!

Clearly, this project is unhealthy! So I am also as much against the creation of such ultra-expensive nature-killing project as much the rest of Bangalore junta. …

What is PINK? And BLUE?

(P.S. It's eleven at night and I feel like cooking Maggi but I refrain, waiting for the hunger to become its own complimentary.)

There is this news that my husband told me a few hours ago. He did not mention the place and other details but said this:

'A teenage girl had a fight with her mother and then she left the house, thinking to live independently somewhere away. She took a train to some place where two auto-rickshaw drivers cajoled and consoled her aching soul and promised her to get a job and good life. She agreed.'

The moment I heard that she had accepted the offer, I knew what was coming next nevertheless let my husband complete himself.

'46 days!! They kept doing it with her for 46 days!!'

In spite of knowing the upcoming my mouth fell open. Every time a girl is being handled in an unacceptable way, it never ceases to stun me.

A movie has also been released a few weeks ago titled PINK. It's a very powerful creation. I haven't watched it but inten…

Walk alone, but have a good pair of shoes.

The slowest jog.

Today I had the slowest jog of my life.
This morning when I sat down to work, suddenly there was a change of constellations in the universe and I could not concentrate anymore. My legs started to itch and decided to ditch the four walls of comfort and roam somewhere, anywhere. For an aimless outing. I put on jeans t-shirt with my favorite denim jacket and crossed little bag, donned the goggle and revved the car engine. Somehow doing something unexpected pulled me into a hypnotic state and I was out in as less as fifteen minutes.
Since there is no big fancy mall around my house (but soon there will be), I decided to explore the locals. After parking the car, I headed for the direction that asked nothing but a long trip to walk. Since the time has changed on the name of ease and comfort, people hardly use legs to cover distances. Bikes, cars etc. have squeezed life into the click of fingers. Having a long walk felt really good. It was 10.30 and I just kept walking. After some time, leg…

Coins to make you rich!

Blogging has become a bit of on and off thing for me lately. Not that I have lost my focus on writing. Instead, I have gained on it. It's just I have been riding back and forth with some unexpected things lately. That's all. But I assume myself to be more regular here from now. Wish me luck!

In recent times, I went through an interesting experience over the span of a week; a week where learning came along as well as I was relieved of a certain kind of issue. If we talk about the first bit, the learning, I got to share a few coins that can possibly make you rich as well:

Be with people who actually love you. You will feel heavenly.Always always and always have your ground. No matter how much weird or nonsensical  your belief looks to others, have confidence in you!Never lose focus! Take valuable souvenirs from the past and decorate a better future. Or at least, try it.And the most important: Learn to be alone. Accept it that one day, if no one is with you, loneliness will be ju…

A Minute of Struggle.

How many darts could one pull over the board of a tiny heart? Step back for a minute let it breathe,  let it stay alive for a li'l while;
Each face has a story to tell something to hide, s'thing to expel Pause for a minute read the unwritten let it speak and unwind; 
Not that life has a meaning on each turn some are lost, some are gravely defined Stop for a minute look at the roads let it walk down to an unseen aisle.

Until I happily die!

A million things to say, a zillion thoughts to listen A warm hug to embrace, a soft laughter to trickle; A hundred books to read, a thousand books to write Let's keep talking, until I happily die!
An abundance of silence, no dearth of human patience Countless empty stares to cherish, and a sigh to the end; Endless paths for the mind to roam, with a destined naught Let's keep breathing, until I am free and brought!
Flowing days, sliding nights, Shiny moon blessed with warm skies, Stars to look at and the sun to enjoy life, Let's keep living, until death gives me a high-five!
A bucket of memories, with li'l sprinkles of smiles An unwritten book of expectations, the invisible ink to inscribe; The magic of present, with the crux of incredible life Let's keep looking, until I have nothing to hide!
               -by Priyanka Baranwal

The God I believe in.

Right now I feel so sleepy but can't hit the shack. Maid is about to knock in a few minutes and I'd rather get my house cleaned than to have a nap (which, of course, can be done later).
I look at the ceiling and find the fan running. Then I look at the tube light. It is lit. I turn my attention to their power source: the switchboard. One source with several connections. One. And that's what seeds an idea and still germinating into a fully grown thought. We are all scattered and distributed, in abundance and in sparse; in a dot and in a complete sentence; over the ground and under the sky. Moving, talking, smiling...we all are somehow interconnected to the other. The lost energy is channelized and finally found into something constructive; broken is healed somewhere; tear turns into a smile somewhere; unsaid gets spoken and pure hatred evolves ecstatic love out there. Don't you think it is all linked? That we are a part of big humongous family even though we walk as st…

Do not be reactive.

Last night, we were watching a tele show where a celebrity was invited. The show is basically about asking its guest a few questions. There is always a moderate amount of crowd on the show and they are also allowed to ask questions, if they have any.

So the guest on the yesterday show was questioned based on one of the remarks he had delivered at the time when the issue of Intolerant India was ablaze which is not a very long before. With certain grace and clarity, the celebrity guest said his answer to the journalist on the aforementioned issue was different and how it got twisted and turned against his beloved country i.e. India, he himself has been unable to understand. He sounded pretty frustrated over the mess and requested such things should not happen and that he is hurt.

A piece of his reply stuck with me. He said,

'We should not be reactive. These days whenever something happens, we are almost instant to react, probably without giving much thought over the sensitivity of …

The Intern, a movie.

Today I watched a movie, The Intern, in the morning slot. Kid is having holidays. We were settled on the sofa and he had laid out Chess when I stumbled on the movie. The movie is very nice actually. I enjoyed it, somehow doing my best to make my pawns and soldiers and the queen to jump here and there on the black and white board just to save the most precious one, the king. 
Anna Hathaway is the lead character and runs a company. Her husband is stay-at-home dad and takes care of their little daughter. The movie moves around how Anna is busy in maintaining work-life balance. Robert De Niro, the one she has recruited as an intern, does all sort of odd jobs for her. He is her chauffeur, friend, advisor, her daughter's friend, 2 Am buddy and above all, he is forty two or something. Yes. He is Old. But the way he handles Anna and the complications of her life is appeasing. He watches her struggling with chores and sleep and food everyday and does his best to help her through, minding …

Serial and Adnan Syed.

Do you listen to Podcasts? I do too. Recently I have become the fan of this amazing digital service. In case you don't know what a Podcast is, click here: Podcast on Wiki.

I am at the end of Serial's first season which is about Adnan Syed and him being convicted in year 2000 based on the murder of his ex-girlfriend and classmate, Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999. He is serving life sentence plus 30 years. The series is being presented by the American journalist and public radio personality, Sarah Koenig, in a pretty comprehensive way. I love her clear voice and precise narration. Adnan has been in prison for 16 years now. He says he is innocent but others say no, he is not. This can be the case of a wrong person trapped in a first degree murder. Or, the opposite.

Sarah gives a detailed podcasts about her research on Adnan and his case. So many people have so many different Adnans. Some say he is the golden boy of the community while others say he has a 'dark' side. By…

The Broken Trust.

This morning going through one of the rituals i.e. browsing Facebook absentmindedly, a news link woke me up. I straightened my spine and even though I could not stop wincing, I clicked nevertheless and read the gory details.

The article was about a seven year old boy and it started with some function at his school. How he was a champion in his class and how eagerly he was waiting for her mother to fly down to the city to attend this specific function. She had missed the previous sport one but the boy really wanted her mother to be there, especially because he had something urgent to share. He waited and waited but his mother could only manage to appear when he was just done with his skit where he played the lead role of the prince. Both of his parents were top notch in their fields in other cities and hardly ever have the time to visit their little boy. So they had appointed a full time nanny to take care of him. There was also a male servant, middle aged and serving them since ten y…

The Invisible Hope.

I was in my balcony this eve something I did after a long time looked at those hovering grey clouds; dispersing, floating, gathering covering the whole sky sheet of beauty!
and then all of a sudden I witnessed a li'l blue patch, a clear glimpse of heavens behind those shady cloud swimmers; and I realized there is Hope somewhere even though it is invisible from my chair!
                                                                           - Priyanka Baranwal

Practice makes a (wo)man perfect.

The day has been melodious. Working out with the pain through the first half of the day, second half proved to be much as an effective pain killer. Because I had my Guitar class and I have some good news to share.

Remember I talked in one of my recent posts about how my Guitar trainer has taken a sudden test last Saturday and today was going to be the Result Day and that was the reason I had planned to mark my presence with my absence? But today I did go, for the sake of left over courage, shredded hope and to know where I stand in theory. I bit my nails so much during the test that if the result day turned out to be my judgment day, that would not be much of a surprise. I was so terrified! But finally when my trainer handed over the answer sheet, I found it was rather a happy day today. Because I scored an 8 out of 10! And that's still incredible! Where I was trembling with the fear of earning the lowest scores in my batch, there I rose like a star! Only two students got an 8 an…

Behind every smile, there is pain.

I just read this wonderfully done chat session which is actually more than a chat by a Bollywood celebrity, Tisca Chopra. To get that wholesome feeling about the article, I request you to watch the video as well clipped at the end:

Tisca Chopra on escaping casting couch

It's been said in the article (and it's quite true) that girls and women usually do not speak about the issues they face. And when it comes down to public figures, the pressure gets more and mouths are sealed tighter. It is not possible to dodge and reply to each comment public crafts about you. But the veil is lifting and who could be another spectacular illustration of bravery, other than Tisca, to talk about than the gorgeous Deepika Padukone. Not long ago, she talked about the issue Depression and immediately afterwards, it was never the same again. It clawed its way to millions of people, raging them, urging them to open eyes and take itelf as a serious damage to the overall personality. Suddenly all over …

Finding Yourself is more engaging than finding Nemo.

Life is busy. Who said that, by the way? You'd probably be gentle and reply with 'It's not a saying, dear. It's an experience instead.' If you are trying to make me look like a person with nothing-to-do in her list, well, then your joke is hilarious. I am laughing my heart out. May be kidneys and lungs too jump along.

After I stop laughing, I am supposed to mumble my defense with 'I am an author, writer, freelancer, blogger, poet and now a future top star Guitarist, not to mention a mother, wife and the prime-minister of my house.' All these big responsibilities are on my shoulders. But I will not do that! Instead, I will accept your question in silence and keep it for later analysis.

So what makes a person busy? Work? Family? Friends and gossip? Trips? Food? Asylum? Hobbies? Pugnacity? Or, lazying around?

Yes, these things are helpful in keeping one busy but do you think that if you have none of these, you still can be busy? You still have that one thing …

It's in the shadow of night that a wandering soul finds peace.

They say best ideas come in the shower but they usually attack me when I am having my routine tea. Writer's curse, you can say. So at the moment, I am having my tea that came Free with my Women's Horlicks. The need to mention one of my favorite mugs is little small quotes printed on it. In case you have forgotten to wear glasses, lemme re-quote them here:

Think positively.Exercise daily.Eat healthy, Work hard.Worry less. Dance more.STAY STRONG.Women's Horlicks. Stay strong.

So the mug is all about fitness and working hard at it and then sticking to it. Like it's so easy! But just for the mirror's sake, I try my best to stick to the fitness routine. Just yesterday (don't ask after how long, alright?!), I resumed my jogging. As usual, I was being lazy again but one tryst in the balcony with that chilly breeze rocking the dark evening, I found back the hijacked motivation and put on running shoes and the outfit and hopped downstairs. Running/ jogging/walking is su…

For a terrific Tuesday.

Free like a fire-fly.

It's 10:45 PM and millions of my Nation fellows must be sleeping but here I am! Just finished watching a movie What If starring Daniel Radcliffe (as Wallace) and Zoe Kazan (as Chantry) and both of them happen to have blue eyes. The movie was a special premier by the channel and I liked it. It is mostly like other sweet romantics but with a bit of twist sort of tale but still it is a good watch. Not all the time I prefer complicated or a sci-fi movies. Sunday nights can, well, be dedicated for softer shades of human directions. Actors did good and I don't know why but every time I see Daniel Radcliffe, I feel as if he is about to chant a magical spell with his black robe. Well, this is the defect of being a Harry Potter fan and a great reward to its author, Ms. Rowling. Anyway, the movie ended on, as expected, a sweet romantic note and I, this time, struggled over not to cry. I am not sure but these days I cry over all types of endings. If hero-heroines meet, I cry and if they…

The girl with the sweetest voice.

It's been raining since last night and there is no sign clouds are going to run out of their buckets very soon. Anyway, with such nice weather and all peace at home, no complaints. In fact, they have urged me to think about the best days of my life and here I am...with one.

I studied std. 7th and 8th in a Punjabi school. Our Punjabi teacher, Miss. Harjeet Kaur, was a very lovely and kind lady. I loved her and admired her and I still do. Her subject period used to be the last, the 8th period. She was such a free mind teacher that she never had the time to fuss over studies and all that. She made us do serious study as well as have fun by playing games at times. Games happened once in a while but that once was enough to keep us recharge and wide awake during her class. I always count her name whenever I pay regards to my favorite teachers.

So one day, she said, 'We are not going to study. We will play Antaakshari'. All students went dead happy and we closed our books and co…

Death By Beach.

Time: 6 PM; Date: Today.

Warning: Do Not read this post because it's very very depressing, especially if 1). you are on a suicide mission (and I hope you are not), and 2). or unless you are as depressed as I am.

Sticking eyes to the laptop screen for three consecutive days can be hazardous to health and perhaps that's why I am a bit fatigued at the moment. After my evening tea when I again procured my seat to work, I felt I needed some rest, may be a bit of nap. So I paused my story and ventured to lie down for sometime. Sleep, as casual as it sounds, is actually not very casual to come when one is tired. With closed eyes, my mind wandered over several thoughts until I got hooked up to one.

How would I like to die?

The thought fascinated me. So far, my knowledge says all of us prefer to think and plan about the kind of life we would like to spend, the vacations, luxurious hotels, good food, partying, writing, living a grand life and similar stuff. Know what I mean? I too was r…

Drifting Soul.

Lying on my sofa legs dangling over the hand rest, hands clasped together,  I stared at the smooth ceiling; that spoke of human nature! smooth when close rough when closer!
I stared and thought until eyes dropped shut drifted to little piece of sleep not a routine hard to keep, woke up but only to realize this was the only time I could have some peace!