Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Get the maximum out of your writing hour.

If you share writing as one of your passions then you are welcome to walk beside me under the light of creativity along with the melodious tune of typing. Writing is cathartic! Writing has medicinal effects! At least I experience it often when I am down by health and there is nothing that can entice me but my writing, books and music.

Sometimes when I sit to write (either professionally or personally), there come along some glitches that are hard to fix. I am talking about disturbances or you can say, distractions in an easier and more comprehensible tone. Such issues bug me to death. When I am working on some important scene, I seriously go into my writer cocoon and curse the person who tries to crack my shell. So to bring my problems to resolution, I do few things that help me to concentrate on a higher level that culminates into squeezing maximum out of my writing hours. I am going to share some of them here and sincerely hope you to keep walking beside me till the end of this post.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Work it out, buddy!

Recently we got to meet two of our friends. As we conversed, I complimented her saying she looks slimmer. She accepted with a polite smile. I asked the reason (because earlier she had told me how daunting it is for her to do work outs on her own and she was bit concerned about her weight gain too). She said there are regular work out classes in her office! On straining more on the type, she said it is mixed bag. There are aerobics, yoga and zumba happening on different days and she enjoys each one of them equally.

As amazing as it sounds, equal is the surprising element in it. Not everyday I hear about companies being concerned about their employees and cover an extra mile just for the sake of their health by making fitness classes mandatory inside the office premises. But if offices start doing so, it will be an added plus huge advantage not only for the employees but also for the organization as well. According to a survey, six our of ten employees feel more productive if they are indulged in work outs like yoga and aerobics during office hours. Also, they feel more satisfied at the end of the day. It means introducing healthy work out strategies in offices may result into -

  • better physical and mental health
  • increased stamina
  • enhanced problem solving competencies
  • topped up confidence
  • less stress
  • improved attitude
  • excellent team building skills, and
  • reduced post-lunch dips (need of snoozing after lunch)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Be there for someone.

Before I begin, please watch the below video so that you can totally relate yourself with what I want to say.

Just watching this video made my heart go through numerous of emotions. The short film clearly shows the impeccable loving bonding between the husband and wife. As heart wrenching as the wife's disease is, endless is the husband's love. Imagine this. At one moment you can see all the colors but all of a sudden, you come to know that one, just one color is going to don your life forever - Black. The darkness hidden with this color is so frightening. I know because sometimes I have closed my eyes and tried to make an exit out of my own room where I know the exact whereabouts of everything. I have done this probably after watching videos made for blind people. I have done this so that I can try to understand, within the perimeter of my limits, the difficulties stitched with blind people's lives.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Something that money can't buy.

Well...today is my birthday. And it was a beautiful special day for me not only because of whole loads of wishes and blessings I received but also because I made it a bit extra special by my own way. This is what I did...

Hubby and kid were at their respective places (office and school). I was all alone at home. I was kinda feeling bit alone. I craved for someone to make my day special because occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, others make it special for you. But here I granted a twist to my big day. I thought if not others then why I myself can not make my birthday special by doing something nice? But the next question arose was...But what? Like eating out? Shopping? Buying gifts for my own self? These options were instantly sidelined because I wanted to do something that money could never buy; something that would go priceless. But again...what?

I mulled over it for sometime and came up with a nice idea. People who loved and cared enough to call and wish me, I said not just a simply thank you but expressed my gratitude in a special way. As a humble thank you, I told each one of them how much they matter to me and what things I have learnt from them. All of this with added touch of Thank you for being there and I love you a lot. And the response I received was overwhelming. I called my parents first. I talked to my father and collected his blessings. Then I said thank you in my own way. When I said I love you a lot, Pitaji! (we are little shy expressing ourselves like this but it felt really good doing that), he laughed, said thank you and responded with I love you too!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

On why peace is necessary.

Being an author is not an easy job. You have to sit in front of your computer and type tirelessly until you switch fingers of both the hands. Index finger switches with the middle or goes vice versa. I have done it for several times. Other sporty thing that come along with it is - Peace. While writing, peace or quietness of time is the basic necessity to complete the task.

But sometimes the same quietness strangles you with its strong hands of stillness. If I don't look at the clock, I won't be able to figure out how much time my writing has consumed. Time seems to stop. It seems to lay somewhere on a recliner forgetting me altogether. It is irritating sometimes. Not that I need advice on something concerned my plot/story line but just to avoid the monotonic routine. On some occasions, few words spoken by alive characters seem to sound sweeter than my own fictitious characters'.

The same happened with me today. To kill the silence, I went on my terrace with a book to read there. It was around 5 in the evening. Sun rays still donned some specific areas and breeze orchestrated perfectly with their warmth. Over all, it was really nice weather to be in. I sat on a big stone and started reading the book. The book was interesting and I was easily divulged into the story. After few pages, I simply closed the book and looked at the horizon. The whole ambiance was quiet. There was no other neighbor to talk to and I didn't regret it either. I sat with pursed lips and then realized, peace is so much necessary. Peace is so much required to have a calm, beautiful and meaningful life.

Monday, 9 March 2015

5 ways for a 'Happy Me Today'

This morning started with a beautiful sun shine. Trees vacillated happily and the sky sprawled with peace. People got occupied back with their normal routine. So was I! I ditched my mornin' jog. Yesterday we had a blast celebrating Holi in our campus. It was fun and blissfully tiring. Body needed rest and I simply furnished its demand. Sleep is the best exercise at rest.

But somehow I found myself stressed. Head felt heavy and heart seemed to be distracted. So to bring both of them on their usual track, I decided to do 5 things today that could make me happy. A true happiness was on call and here are the things that I have been doing since this morning. It helped if I were to tell you.

Smiling - You are not always supposed to stretch your lips sideways or show your teeth in order to come up with a smile. There is another way to do it. If you can manage to bring your head at peace somehow, your body smiles in return. I did the same thing. I concentrated more on positive things and viola! I smiled my own way. I also gave myself completely to the task in hand in order to relax myself. If I watched TV, I concentrated totally on what it was showing to me. A funny scene came along. Then I watched an episode by epic series, Friends. It was fun to watch. It was fun to laugh.

Hair cut - In a Bollywood flick Turning 30 (starring Gul Panaag), Panaag has mentioned how a new hair cut can boost up the way you look at yourself in stronger means. Not that I followed her but it happened the other way round actually. I sure got a new hair cut today but it was only after I got back at home that the movie scene hit me. And it is so true! A new hair cut has certainly given me a high boost of energy and a part of me has gotten rejuvenated. I am glad I treated my hair in a beautiful way today.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Demon of Darkness

I have felt the darkness!
It felt lonely,
It felt empty,
It was like a demon had engulfed me!

A demon of hopelessness,
A demon of distraction,
A demon made of fake smiles,
And a demon glazed with burning eyes!

Often I slipped into a shell,
Exposed to no one but to my own dark spell;
No one absolutely no one was in sight
When I cried for someone to be there as might!

World doesn't care as long as you smile,
It doesn't care as long as you look fine,
But it hovers the moment you cry,
It frowns being questioned for having a spine!

People who looked dearly to me,
People who shook hands to me,
People who shared multiple laughs with me,
They were absent when darkness engulfed me!

'Where am I?' I often thought,
Am I still alive or just about to depart;
Life slipped far away in pieces,
And I found myself a derivative of stitches!