Monday, 21 December 2015

New Year, Christmas and You!

With Christmas and New Year soon to stop by
Have you made any plans to party?
Friends, family or if it's just the boring you
Enjoy it till you fall to a snooze;

He does this, she does that
Why the hell would you abide by that?
It's your day, your crate
Do shake it your way;

Listen songs, have a silly dance
Get a hug or better, a long kiss;
If you smiling at this
You are sure to get one of these;

Party but remember to sit
Drink but mind the wheel;
Laugh but have a smile to share
Love but warm someone with care;

No one is gonna teach how to live
No one is gonna tell how to be;
Just be yourself!
Your true silly boring self
And find the strength and seduction
In all that you can be;
'Cause at the end, my friend
You will be loved for- 
What you didn't pretend to be.

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