Friday, 11 December 2015

I wish I were a man!

This morning I was having morning tea with my maid. She is lighthearted and a good-natured person. Hard working too! Probably more than you and I are. She is talkative no less than I am. So while talking through myriad of things, we finally struck our chatting chords on the humming strums of husbands, in-laws, disregard the society adorns the women with, responsibilities on her, compromises we women have to make in order to supply our homes with peace and silence along with groceries and indecent demands of others and the list goes on. I really can't list all of'em here.

My maid, let's call her G, told me about her husband's drinking habit and retching through out the house the previous night and her pregnant younger sister and her husband's reckless habits too. It was saddening to hear all of it and all over again. I empathized her visually as well as mentally. After a while while cleaning the kitchen top, she said poignantly but with a glinting hope sparkling into her eyes.

"Madam! Wouldn't it be nice if I were a man? Look at them. They can roam everywhere, get tended to with utmost respect and care despite of their penniless job, and even if they don't give a hand in sharing chores, they are adored all the time. I wish I were a man!"

I smiled at her thinking inwardly of one of my wishes flagging out of her mouth. At one or other moment, every woman must have wished the same. I said.

"G! I agree that we women have to face a little difficulty and are more prone to encounter compromises but if you think carefully, you and I are lucky to be a woman."

G was intrigued, this time cleaning the gas stove. She paused and smiled a question at me.

"Do you really want to be a man who drinks all the time, retches all over the house, shakes himself off the significant liabilities and still moves around with a pride? Do you really want to be your husband? Insensitive and ignorant?"

She looked up, promptly shaking her head. I smiled again.

"Then feel proud in being a woman. Because we can feel the pain, the joy of others. We don't hide from what lays on our shoulders. We are sensitive to others!"


  1. The best advice G must have got in her life.
    And I like that last line. We are sensitive to others ...... so true.


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